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I took the plunge!

, posted: 13-Dec-2007 19:03

I have just bought the Sudio Bluetooth USB Adaptor.  it looked lonely on the shelf and I got it at staff rates!!!  I installed the driver that came with it, rather than just what it downloads by itself. 

I am 'getting there' - I always say you never learn anything if it all goes straight for you! 

I finally located the bluetooth manager icon - not on desktop as I was told by the installation process, but at bottom right hand bar.  (I am sure someone will educate me on the name of that!)  That, of course, was late last night just before I switched my computer off, as I was looking to see if I needed to safely remove hardware... 

I even sent my first contact over from my Sanyo mobile phone.  Several times, as I found out!  And I also found it again! 

Luckily I have my own private geek-son!  He will come over this weekend, play with my new contraption and see whether I need to uninstall and re-install Microsoft Office Outlook 2003... 

I sent my contact 'card' to my computer, and then I was supposed to open it with outlook.  Did I want to make an email account, it asked me.  No thankyou, I already use Mozilla Thunderbird.  I got half way through getting it started (first time ever, apparently,)  and it came up with a nice little box telling me I had a file missing!!! 

So, why, I ask myself, can I go to my start menu, open outlook (2003 - I suppose that is extremely important) and it opens as Outlook Today???

Enquiring minds want to know. 

I shall go now and consider writing about my ordeal at the dentist's yesterday. Wink

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Comment by stevonz, on 14-Dec-2007 08:41

The "bottom right hand bar" is called the system tray.

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