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My Scents of Humar

, posted: 18-Dec-2007 01:58

Now, now, before you go crook at me for miss-spelling, be aware that Scents of Humar was geekboy's idea. We all need our scents of humar, especially this time of year. Here's how it happened...

Read on, it's about computers, really.  Eventually.

He was writing up his birthday party invitations. He must have been around ten. It was a sleepover, as I recall, and scents of humar was last on the what to bring list. His mates from across the road were invited, amongst others. As a 'loner', he could always rustle up friends at birthday time... Can't remember which video the boys brought over, but it was probably one of the home alone films. They are supposed to be funny, but birthday boy was running down the hall screaming at the most dramatic scenes. He would then creep back into the room, only to run away again at the next 'scenus dramaticus'...

He grew out of that, fortunately. But I wanted to add something to appeal to you geekzoners, so here's a little titbit from school. It's to do with computer studies...

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago... while hubby and I were both at home, we got a phone call from school, collect your son (Year 11) he has downloaded a trojan horse. Or something similar. We brought him home and waited for the school to get back to us in regard to discipline.

After a month I approached the school. I wanted an interview with the principal. I had to get a hold of the secretary first, which took two days and two calls... but I did manage to get the interview eventually.

They had, all of a sudden, decided to give him a stand-down for two days, and sent us home with the official stand-down rules pamphlet.

Now, my husband and I had been available on the day of the crime, and the stand-down was supposed to occur immediately. I should have sent him straight back to school, but I try not to use my children as pawns. I will even say I know, as well as he does, that what he did (whatever it was, four years ago),was wrong. But rules are rules, and schools are also required to keep them, IMHO.

Why did the school allow my child to get so bored in his favourite subject that he was naughty, and why was he able to bypass their security? Geekboy's step-cousin was used as guinea-pig at another school to test their security etc. He was handpicked as the one most likely, but failed miserably...

I was never told three terms later that he wasn't going to sit his exams or what ever, I think he failed computer studies and I never let him do them in year twelve. There was probably nothing he didn't know by then, anyway.

I thought it was particularly ironic that one day in year twelve I got a call from him to pick him up at the park. I thought he had been bashed! Turns out he had only just made it that far carrying three computer boxes that they were tossing out! I'm sure he would have taken more if he could have seen over the top of them!

One gripe about a certain school down, several to go. I can get my scents of humar back now...

And please feel free to tell me my child shouldn't have done what he did!

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