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It's All About Blogging...

, posted: 21-Jan-2008 09:41

Just a quick note today...  For now, anyway!

I am enjoying writing in my blog and I am picking up speed on communicating well, editing myself so you can actually understand what I am trying to say.  If only I could write my words on a blackboard in my brain and edit them before speaking...

Backtracking is still a fuzzy area, I asked about backtracking, via 'contact us' on the geekzone site.  No, says Mauricio, it's not evil, but...  So, I have blocked backtracking and deleted all the backtracks on my blogs. 

I have also deleted them all from my emails.  I can see why they can be a nuisance.  It's bad enough when I mark email notification on my geekzone forum entries, and it's a popular subject! 

So, feel free to enlighten me on blogging, blogginess, and whatever other mis-uses of the word you or I can think of.  I am still learning. 

Bye for now!

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