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Another Year Another Diary

, posted: 21-Jan-2008 14:42

Now the 'Ultimate' child, (being the last in the family...) doesn't know I have a diary on him. More of a Dossier on the hell we have been through over the last two years. School stuff mostly...

It's a scrap book full of emails, letters, gripes etc. I started with a hardback but I knew it would never have enough 'give' in the spine to contain everything.

So I re-named the hardback, A4, book 'The Long Road Up. It contains more of my creative writings. A bit about the emotions I have sometimes, a bit of poetic prose, sort of, and some of my favourite Bible verses.

The latter should be memorised, and most have been; it's just that I'm getting a bit old and frayed around the edges, and sometimes my memory doesn't work that well. Especially when stressed.

By now you will have worked out that life isn't always easy at my address, and I have had a few bouts of 'ga ga', as I put it. Ramblings and ravings. Ask my Doctor if you don't believe me. Oh, wait, I forgot, it's all private. Der...

But back to the new Diary! Did I tell you we found a Merit Certificate under said child's bed? Well, actually hubby did. So, I figure I will start this new scrapbook diary with his doctor's letter with new (and old) diagnoses, and copy of the treasured certificate.

I can only hope that this year will be better, but it's looking a bit shaky. I don't have the faintest idea what subjects he's actually doing. I thought the school would send me a letter confirming his choices, even though his choices were submitted long after they were due. (Two ADHD people = disaster. Add hubby and son number one and we all have fun...) I have asked for confirmation...

Then there's the fact that I have hardly seen the fifteen year old lad these hols. First I was in Australia for 18 days, and second, he has been on the farm most of the time. I am not used to him, and certainly not used to a fifteen-year-old-going-on-shall-we-say-thirty? with ODD (oppositional Defiance Disorder) to boot. I say white, he says black... I am trying very hard not to let every conversation degenerate into an argument that I will lose by winning. And I hate losing. Hey, it's a lose-lose situation.

So, as far as school goes, he is probably gifted in English, hence his merit award. He is absolutely NOT allowed to have the same teachers for maths or science as last year, I forbid it. I hope he does well in school because he is fast becoming a man.

At least he has made a new friend over the hols. They talk about war, weapons, aeroplanes, history, stuff like that. Maybe some of the old friends will move on/get kicked out?

And when he is on his medication he is a totally different person.

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