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parachute 08

, posted: 25-Jan-2008 10:01

Well, 15yo has been delivered to the manse, and is now on his way to Parachute... 

A customer in the other day mentioned how good it was that it was a drug and alcohol free event. 

I had to laugh.  Two years ago, my other son, then 17, went to parachute.  With another church, but that has nothing to do with it! 

Before their tent was barely pitched, his best friend's father had arrived to rip the tent apart in search of contraband.  Didn't find any apparently, and I don't know who his informant was.  Little brother or sister maybe?

Anyway, things proceeded smoothly, or so it seemed at our peaceful home, until about 4am Sunday, or was it Monday, morning...

Phone rings, hubby answers.  Usually while he is still asleep, so I am not sure if he was actually awake!

'Hello this is security at Parachute.  Your son has been caught streaking through camp.  Please come and pick him up immediately.'

Apparently, he was bored, so he decided to streak.  Best friend followed behind (no pun intended...) apologising!  Child got 'arrested' by camp security, church leader was called out of much needed sleep, and my husband dutifully got up, dressed and was off, leaving me to worry when they were not back in a reasonable amount of time.

Now, me, on the other hand, I would have said 'Good.  leave him where he is, I am going back to sleep now.  I will wake up at seven and have breakfast and then drive down safely.'

And if they had said they were taking him to the police station, I would have said -


If you're at parachute, enjoy!  Number one son is banned, so there shouldn't be any streaking.  If number two is naughty, we will either blame his medication or lack of it...

Otherwise, for those of you with a long weekend, enjoy.  I know I will.

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 25-Jan-2008 11:25

Its a church event? He was just showing what he was blessed with!!

Comment by nate, on 25-Jan-2008 11:31

I can imagine the conversation you have with friends over dinner:

Them: "Did you hear about the kid who streaked at parachute?"
You: "Yeah, he's one of mine"
Them: Oh

So which parent did he get the streaking trait from?

Author's note by mobygeek, on 25-Jan-2008 14:47

Tony - we have already discussed this at work.  I totally agree!
Nate - as above, I reckon he takes after his father.

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