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A Silver Cloud on Every Lining

, posted: 25-Jan-2008 16:30

Please forgive me, it is the end of the week.  In between selling five million, three hundred thousand and fortyeight phones and four air cards...  (Sorry, Baron Von Munchausen is sitting behind me...) As I was saying, I still have a wee bit of time for blogging! 

So hopefully you realise that I try to show the funny side of every tragic event of my life, and I am going to try to put a few more positives into my beloved blogs.

It's supposed to be one silver lining per cloud, so try this on for size.

Remember I mentioned daughter number one ran away at seventeen?  The day before her father's birthday, and a few weeks before christmas.  (She's doing well now, though.)

Well, I turned up at our other mobile store, hubby's as opposed to mine, one evening, to meet up with certain bigwigs of our outfit.  We were supposed to go to dinner, instead I was told we had to go to the school presentation night for daughter number two. 

'She's getting an award, is she?'  'No, six.'

So, we raced home, had a bite to eat, and went off to the awards. 

It was a stinking hot summer evening in Taree, the usual 40 degrees or so, and the hall was packed.  All louvred vents were open, so there were a few mozzies as well.

While I waited to see my precious, I went through the entire book to see if anyone else had achieved so much.  No one else had that many awards. 

Then it was her turn, up on the stage .  As the awards were called they kept coming.  After the third or fourth, the audience took in a huge breath in unison.  A very audible gasp.  She was so happy, she stood up even taller than she already was.  It was beautiful.

Now, the next year she won the form advisers award.  Every award, report, school photo adorns her bedroom walls.

The silver cloud is that we have had to put up with screaming at ten o'clock at night before each assignment was due - 'it's not good enough'...  'I didn't get any A's...  I didn't get any excellents...  (Usually no A's when they only did excellents, and vise versa.)  Plus she dropped out of school twice, once here and in once Aussie. 

Better my precious living doll has a good job where the bosses love her for her high standards, than another school certificate or so, on the wall.

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