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Taking Advantage of God

, posted: 28-Jan-2008 09:20

That's actually a good title, you know. I was going to call it God's Faithfulness, but I was reminded of the time when talking to one of hubby's aunts about how God had never let us go hungry, even though there were times when the fridge was empty and there was no money in the house. She looked at me (sorta large as I am) and said she thought I might have taken advantage of Him.

So, hey, God offers to me, and I take advantage of the free gift given. No problem.

In the story above, one particular time stands out. I was six months pregnant with the last child, and we were living in Aussie. Port Macquarie to be precise. A place where I, untrained, had a better chance of getting a job than hubby with his skills! (Motor mechanic to be precise...)

Needless to say, I, the Aussie, had taken advantage of my right as a citizen to access unemployment benefits, and as soon as hubby was eligible as a Kiwi, had passed the right over to him.

Which was all very well until someone close died suddenly in NZ. It took the last of our bank balance to get him back to New Zealand, and then I had to trundle back and forth between the dole office and the commonwealth employment service.

The Dole office reckoned that I should register (yes, at six months gestation) for employment and the employment service took one look at me and refused to do so.

Hey, who cares if I had no car (hubby had driven to sydney in it) and if I had no money and the cupboards were empty. Not to mention the rent that needed paying.

The request for 'special benefits' was going to take two weeks (!!!) to process, and I did actually empty the fridge, freezer and cupboards of food. We had milk, as the milko would let us pay him later for our milk. (God bless the milko).

It was then that I became the first recipient of what was to be our church's food aid program. A hot chook! (We could never afford that luxury) Bread! Decent laundry detergent! The list goes on.

Another time in great need, as 'farmers' in NZ, my best friend had seen our needs were so bad that even her husband had offered to loan us money! (Now that's bad.) One day she picked me up for bible study (no petrol, of course...) and brought a couple of boxes of food with her. No used teabags, this was all top quality. When we got to bible study there were two boxes of fresh vegies and fruit from the rest of the group. I was so amazed, and humbled by this goodness. My best friend said she had no idea this was happening, it's just that the Lord laid it on some hearts... And they responded.

It's good to recieve, but even better to give, when you can. Sometimes you can't give money or food, but one can always give oneself.

And don't get me (or God) wrong. Some might say 'if God is so good, why did he let you get so poor?'

The answer is that sometimes we got ourselves into a pickle, with credit cards for example. Also, moving countries can be quite a sacrifice, especially if you end up with no job at the end of the day. It's happened to better people than us. But the sacrifice is made for family; for instance, this last move was made back to NZ because hubby's parents are in their eighties. Plus, our children have better job opportunities here compared to the mid-north-coast of NSW, Aust.

Another time I have taken advantage of God's faithfulness is in this last job. I had left one job to get hellp for junior, and I actually needed to go back to work. My next job was a disaster and took me over the brink of mental health and into depression.

I had a health scare, and a 'friend' was coming to take me up to town, as she knew the way. She arrived with newspaper under arm and announced 'we' were going to look for jobs.

('Oh no we are not, I said to myself.)

'But last week you said...'

'Last week I didn't have this on my plate. I am not looking for work until I have the all-clear.'

Turns out I got the all-clear that day, and after getting rid of 'friend', and having a much needed nap, I got a call in the late afternoon from a friend who owns the local patchwork shop. (She's a christian too) Turns out the local mobile phone shop was in need of staff for the new year, and this was two days before Christmas.

I rang the lady, explained the situation I had been in earlier that day. 'No worries, I've been there myself', said she. 'Come in and meet us in the new year.'

Which I did. She obviously didn't see anything she disliked, and I started the next week. And there I am!

So, God is good, faithful, and all the rest, and I have no problem taking advantage of the offers he presents me with.

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Comment by freitasm, on 28-Jan-2008 13:30

And that's how you got involved with telecommunications...

Author's note by mobygeek, on 30-Jan-2008 10:25

Plus good employers, fine co-workers and M1!!!

Author's note by mobygeek, on 30-Jan-2008 10:27

Oops, I forgot...

We had two mobile phone shops in Aussie - Network Communications T... and T...  (They were a God thing too, but that's another story.0

Don't you love it when I have more stories than time/space1?!

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