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Parachute 08 Update

, posted: 30-Jan-2008 10:39

Junior is home, and I can tell you how his weekend went.

Practical Jokes:

Let down guy ropes on tents.  Did this to his friends' tent, and the tent of four random 'girls' with whom he was having a dispute.  No idea what the dipute was about...

Put a garbage bin (very full after a few days) against the door of mates tent, so that it fell in when they opened up in the morning.  (Hey, the 'bros' thought it was funny)  Good thing the lid stayed shut.

Go over to the electric fence and check that it's working.  (A small 'tingle' according to the farm boy.)  Get all your friends to come over to the fence and hold hands.  Touch the electric fence again and see who gets zapped.  Apparently he did it to one guy on his own and he couldn't get away from Junior's hand-hold depite being bigger and older!

According to Junior, who was caught by security letting down tent ropes, his gag was 'good one bro'.

Then there was food.  Of course.

No showers (for him, at least), all his money spent on softdrink, forgot to take his medication...

Oh yeah, there was music, too. 

Plus a C4 sticker was brought home and placed on his door.  Q. 'What were they doing there?'  A. 'What's wrong with C4?' 

(What, apart from the young 'lady' I was instantly enthralled with when I turned C4 on, who was singing something about 'having a piece of me', while acting the way none of you blokes out there would want your mother to see....)

Anyway, I left him at home yesterday, to 'sleep it off', before taking him back to Gran and Grandad's farm. 

I walked in the front door to hear 'Oops, I'm in trouble now."  (Don't you just love it?) 

He had decided to cook the prawn crackers which I had said WE would cook at a later date.  For good reason, I might add.  He was using water, and had a large pot on a small hotplate which he was attempting to boil dry.

'D---- It's just as well you didn't use oil like you are supposed to - the house would be on fire by now.'

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