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, posted: 10-Feb-2008 18:09

These are a few of my favourite things.

Not when the dog bites, nor when the bee stings.  However, here are some of my faves.


Favourite Book – the Bible.  Favourite verse – Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it.  (Psalm 129:1(a) - the book of Psalms chapter 129 and verse one, the first half of the verse…)  Meaning, if God’s not in it, forget it.  Probably what Gamaliel had in mind when he said ‘And now I say to you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing;  But if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it – lest you even be found to fight against God.’  Acts 6:38 & 39. (Gamaliel was a great Hebrew teacher around the time of Christ, he actually taught the Apostle Paul.  He was talking about the Apostles, and the Christian church in it’s infancy, soon after the Resurrection.


Second fave book – Chambers 20th Century Dictionary.  I haven’t gone looking for the 21st century edition!!!  When Junior comes along and asks what rardy rardy rah means, I tell him to go look it up.  He wanders off in disgust – isn’t it funny that at fifteen he still thinks I know everything, which of course I almost do…  After twenty minutes I can no longer stand it – I must know the answer.  Out comes the dictionary.  While I am on my merry way to the ‘R’s, I see other interesting words, like PROPUGNATION.   (Defense.) 


And other exciting things.  Like Aardvark comes just before Aardwolf.  What is it with these double a’s?  there’s also Aasvogel – a South African Vulture.  Of Course.


What’s the last word in there?  Zythum.  A kind of beer made by the ancient Egyptians.  So when you are playing scrabble and some smarty places a “K” on a triple letter score to make ‘Ka’ (ancient Egyptian for spirit) go play zythum.  Because it’s not a proper noun, is it!!!


I will be kind to you and not mention all the interesting Addenda…


I like scrabble, but I don’t often get to play.  My best Kiwi friend and scrabble player is a bit busy for such things at present.  My Aussie friends are too far away…  I used to like chess, too, but junior is the only one who will play with me.  He’s dangerous.  His strategy is crush, kill, destroy.  Take every enemy piece you can.  Keep as many of your own as possible.  (Should see him play age of empires…)


FOOD.  It’s all good.  Actually, I don’t really like seafood.  Paprika chicken is my fave.  Remember Big Al and the grey death?  When I went to live with my mum she cooked this one up and it’s been my favourite, and, interestingly enough, my children’s fave, ever since.  (H’m, maybe that’s not such good English, sounds as if the children were around when I was twelve!) 


Why do they serve Strawberries and Cream at Wimbledon?  Raspberries are far superior.  If I hadn’t gone to Aussie this summer I would have planted a few raspberries.  I am going to try to get around to planting some this year.  Plants, not the fruit.  I do have a bit of a green thumb, you know…




Favourite Cat Breed?  Himalayan Persian.  We’ve had two, so far.  Dog?  Italian Greyhound.  Just as sweet as a real greyhound but a bit cheaper to feed!  (My great-Uncle Tom bred greyhounds.  They were all called ‘Ike’.  I’m going to get two – when junior leaves home – Ike and Ike…


Best car I’ve ever had?  Hubby’s old Cooper S.  Built for the NSW Police Force as a pursuit car.  He used to race it, stacked it and only got around to fixing it seven years later so we could bring it back to NZ with us.  So I could fly down the motorway when no-one was watching.  It had a racing steering wheel, racing harness and eight inch long ignition key so you could start it again when it stalled in a race…  Hubby has trophies, so it must have worked!!!  Sold it when we had a family.  Shame.  No, about the car, silly, not the children.


Favourite TV?  Morse, old Agatha Christies, Midsomer Murders.  Nice Place, Midsomer, but you wouldn’t want to live there.  Too many people die there.  And Antiques Roadshow.  I love to see their faces when they find out they are in possession of a small fortune.  I want to take ‘big growlie’, my teddy to see how much he’s worth, and how old he really is.  He was big al’s so I reckon that’s why I wasn’t forced to hand him over to my cousin to play with.  And take home. 


Speaking of said cousin, he’s my fave, too.  I was eight when he was born.  He apologises profusely for his mum’s ADD which meant she used to forget to bring stuff with her for their stays with us.  And he swears he no longer has the other two teddies.  Big Growlie was ‘Papa bear’, and the other two were Momma and Baby bear…

 Should I mention favourite family trait?  ADD/ADHD/Vagueness.  We’ve all got it in my family.  And, it seems, a bit in hubby’s family, too.  He’s got it, too. 

Favourite human beings – Hubby and the children…  It’s our 28th anniversary next Saturday.  So he’s still number one human being in my mind. 


And that’s that, until next time…

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