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28 Years and Still Going Strong!!!

, posted: 16-Feb-2008 02:00

I Can't Have a Blog and let this moment slip quietly by.  Here's to the greatest man in the world - My Husband. 

Some people might think he is not patient, especially when they are asking him again how to work their (ahem) Nokia 5110.  I just say - you have got to be kidding, he's married to me, isn't he? 

He takes a lot from all of us, in the best manner possible, cos we all love him.  There are photos of him with daughter number one, pulling faces.  Daughter number two likes to twirl his comb-over, when he's got one.  (That's why I send him to the barber, they're vicious when dealing with comb-overs...)  Geek-boy steals his tools and wrecks them.  Junior ate all his fancy cheese last night...  And then there is his first son... 

And I come along and do nice things like put a cat in his face when he goes to kiss me goodbye in the mornings!!!  I am suprised I still get a kiss!  He can stand there and wait until I've finished interupting him to tell me what he wants to tell me. 

He never knows when he'll get a smack on the bottom when he's not looking, especially while doing the dishes.  That's what happens when you refuse to buy your wife a dish-washer. 

I could mention he used to take me to school on the back of his motorbike, in the winter.  It's cold when your uniform is really short after wearing it since you were young...  He used to take me to school in his fast car,too.  We would drag off anything and everything and win.  I would put De Ja Vu on, and it would be time to get out just as Woodstock was coming on, my fave.  He would ask why I didn't just fast forward the tape, and I would reply that I didn't want to miss any of the other songs before it...  (There's that patience again.)  All that travel into sydney, when I lived across the road from him and he worked next door to himself, and he was always late back to work... 

He taught me how to cook roast lamb...  And ate all my experiments.  Sometimes I would be in tears because it hadn't worked out, and he would be swallowing very cautiously and saying 'very nice dear'. 

Mind you, he gets his own back, sometimes. 

Like rubbing me up the wrong way while I was having our babies.  First one, I couldn't find him, and I was already in the hospital.  He arrived, and I'm sure he ate a sardine and onion sandwich before getting to me.  The smell was enough to make a woman throw up! 

Baby number two I had trouble getting him awake at midnight.  When I finally got him up (by this time I was in near hysterics) he went off to make a coffee.  First thing they did when we got there was offer him a cup of coffee, to which I just said - Don't you dare...

Baby number three came along and he was my knight in shining armour - sitting around with me all day.(Yes, we had one in daylight...)  He even told the doctor off for me.  Now that's saying a lot. 

Baby number four came along, in Port Macquarie.  Night time again.  This time he fell asleep on the recliner chair which was supposedly for my comfort.  I got the camera out, and only succeeded in shooting my big foot.  That's hormones for you... 

He has dragged me across the tasman three times, and at least now admits that we will go back to Australia eventually.  (Great, another big pack-up...) 

What else can I say?  He's handsome, intelligent, kind, caring, and married to me...

and still has his scents of humar, even after all these years...

Let's just leave it at that...  Regards, Linda!

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