It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

Just you leave the worrying to me...

, posted: 13-Feb-2008 20:24

Yes, and that's exactly why I am concerned. 

'Junior'  Have you got any homework?  'No.'

'J' who are your teachers?  'I dunno.'  (Or, Can't remember their names...)

'J' what subjects do you have today?  'You just leave the going to school to me.  That's my problem, not yours...'

Well, I am getting more irritated and concerned by the minute.

Actually, I am on strike.  Junior had to get himself out of bed, feed himself and cook his own steak this evening...  I suppose teaching him to cook isn't a bad thing...

I think I need counselling.  Why, asks my co-worker.  To get a strategy.  What else? 

I also need another family to put him with if it gets too bad.  Maybe the pastor and his wife?  He could slot in with their large family and entourage, and The Pastor is way bigger than him!  (A bit of respect...) 

I remember threatening child number one with removal.  'Mummy please don't send me to them.'  (They might read this and will know exactly who I am referring to...)  'Any thing but that.'

We even had someone else's child with us for a while.  Just after he ran his mother over.  (In reverse.)  (Gear)  It's a good strategy to have in place before things turn to cactus.  Whatever that means.

Anyway, I might get the youth aid officers from the local lock-up in to explain 'Parental Responsibility' to junior. 

On the bright (or funny) side of things, We took his bag back to the warehouse yesterday.  It lasted three days.  Where can I get an army rucksack from?  (Are they called ruck sacks from Rugby, maybe?)

Maybe I do need that counselling.  You don't think I overuse the italics, do you?

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