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The day that changed my life

, posted: 25-Feb-2008 10:30

Where do I start?  Do you know what it's all about?  I was awake the other night, as I usually am - I still sleep like a baby, waking up every few hours - thinking about my next blog/s. 

Anyway, a bit of background will be helpful.  (What, I hear you ask, haven't we had enough?)

End of '76 and I had left school, after being called the worst girl in the school...

Got a job at a supermarket in the new year, 40 hours per week, with a maniac who used to order too much stock, and of course I got the blame when it all went off.

Went out once with a Policeman (a very new one,, of course) who carried me back to the car at three am on our first date cos I couldn't walk.  Mother made me go to work next morning with a Massive Hangover.  (Go Mum.)

Decided to go back to school and beg them to take me back.  It worked.  Had to repeat, though, which was my 2nd repeat after a long illness as a child, so I was positively ancient when I finally finished!

So, here I am, 17, a bit of a hippy, waking up at 7am one Sunday morning and instead of feeling the need for my usual 'macrobiotic banana smoothie', I had this weird feeling somewhere or other, wherever the spirit is supposed to dwell.  Gut feeling maybe?  Apparently the Hebrew people call it the liver,  in english it's called the heart.

I just Knew in my heart that I had to go to church.  Now the local church was just up the road, and I had seen the nice young people who went there.  The looked very happy.  Most of them were uni students, and a lot lived at the old immigrant hostel down the road.  Not that they were immigrants.

I was terrified.  I went upstairs to my best friend's flat.  'Quick, get up, come to church with me.'  'Get lost it's Sunday.'  (this from the girl who used to absolutely scream the house down if you got her up before eight to go to school...)

So off I went, with my little brother in tow.  'Rah rah rah, I don't want to go to church...  Blah blah', went the little voice at my side, complaining all the way.

I think he went out to sunday school.  I sat at the back, in my jeans.  I was given two books, one the hymn book, one the old-fashioned service booklet.  I stood when the people in front stood, knelt when they did, sat, and said amen, when they did.

Well, I read in the service booklet that I was a sinner.  Hey, I knew that!

I was on the wrong side of God, and deserved to die.  However, God was merciful and sent His son to die instead.  I hadn't known that.

I could repent of my sins and ask God to forgive me becuase of the death His son had died.  (That's why we have Easter.)

Okay, so that's what I did.  I believed, I repented, and was saved that day. 

A lot of people will ask 'saved from what'?  A lot, believe me.  Oops, both ways.  A lot of people ask and I say I was saved from a lot - myself mostly. 

I still have an addictive personality, but I am aware of it.  So mostly I don't drink.  I have to be aware of what prescription medications I use for my backache.  One of them last year was actually addictive.  I could feel it when I didn't take it for a few days.  So I stopped it completely.

LIke I said, I was the worst girl in the school.  Lots of partying, the example of the copper and the three am lark is only one sorry tale. 

Back to life changing;  I turned my life around.  (Actually, Jesus did.)  I had to change friends at school, first from the old group who had been in my original classes, once from a bad lot in my new form.  These two groups had no room for a born-again christian.  So I found some nice christian friends who supported me in my new life.

I started going to church, got involved with the youth group - none of this silly partying all the time, but serious bible studies...  (Okay, I will admit we played progressive table tennis and sang 'choruses'.)  Even went to the 'uni church',  lots of good teaching, uni students and a few others, learnt heaps.  (Learned how to drink coffee without six teaspoons of sugar...)

Ditched the copper, got a new boyfriend  ('Mum wants me to talk to you about giving up smoking'.  Oh.  Alright.  Done.)   ('Mum says christians don't swear.'  Don't they?  Okay, I won't.)  (Stuff like that.)

No, I didn't marry him, but we are all still friends, and I would rather spend Christmas with his parents than my heathen family sometimes.

I even got a merit certificate from school the year I repeated!  I had to borrow gloves for speech day and then I didn't get to go up the front to receive it, there were so many given out that year.  Plus they mis-spelt my name.  (How can you get 'Park' wrong?)  But the certificate is in my resume!  (Seeing it's from a top school in Aussie...)

And of course, I met my hubby... 

And you thought I had always just been this nice...

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Comment by VanAlstine, on 26-Feb-2008 07:04

It's great to hear how other people have met Jesus. Wonderful. I wouldn't trade knowing Jesus for anything.

Author's note by mobygeek, on 26-Feb-2008 21:20

Thanks.  Are you a regular geekzoner?

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