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, posted: 27-Feb-2008 20:14

More of my favourite things...  Seeing that I am not quite a geek I thought I might put a few more things here to enthrall you all.  (instead of getting involved in Are true Geeks in Big numbers out there ? which seemed to be quite masculine)

Music is my favourite.  I have a guitar but don't play often enoughany more.  There are times and seasons, I guess.  I used to be in our church band but decided I didn't want to lose my hearing...  That's why I only crank the volume up my M1 occasionally. 

The guitar itself is so cool.  Hubby bought it for me in 1981 for christmas.  I had been looking at a new guitar, maybe around the two hundred dollar mark, but he had bigger ideas.  So, Christmas eve found me having to choose between an Ovation and a Washburn.  The Ovation was heavy, the Washburn was a 'Woodstock'.  Hand made, as they were back then, mahogany with a curved back, not an ultra slim model, but lighter than the Ovation.  Needless to say I never complain  when I can't hear my Washburn over someone else's Ovation.  I had it spruced up when it was about twenty years old, and the 'guitar doctor' couldn't believe how old it was (still is)!

Favourite music would be accoustic guitar, no less.  Although I do like a good bit of harpsicord.  Did you know the harpsicord's strings are plucked, not struck like the piano's?  Beautiful pieces of work...

I have got a bit of the old hippy in me.  I was brought up on my uncle's Bob Dylan, aunts Peter Paul and Mary, so I have a bit of both, plus a few 70's cd's floating around.  My first purchase from Telecom's Music store was Cliff Richard, and then a bit of Gloria Gaynor!

Being a music lover, my favourite films as a kid were musicals.  So I had the soundtracks to Sound of Music, Oliver, Paint your Wagon, cant remember if there were any more.  Mum even had the sixties version of the Hair soundtrack.  Today's version is downright rude.

I saw Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, and, of course, The Rocky Horror Show.  We had a friend in JCSS, so we went backstage afterwards.  So, I had those soundtracks too!  The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I have seen a few times over the years (and watched in horror as my stepson sat dumstruck through the video - what kind of sex education is that?)  is not as good as the stage show.  My favourite song from the stage show isn't in it! 

My favourite Christian muso has a few songs to listen to when you visit his website...  His name is Fernando Ortega, and his songs are quite gentle, but contemporary.  Even his hymns...  fernandoortega dot com...  You never ever know if you never ever go!

I like to read.  I like to read Geekzone.  I like to read things like oh, weird stuff.  Latest book is called 'Amazing... But False - Hundreds of "facts" you thought werer true but aren't.'  Bought yesterday, and half-way through it already.

Column 8, and cruise around the Sydney Morning Herald.  I think I mentioned that last time.  Great pics this week of the QE2 and Queen Mary II both in Sydney Harbour at once.

Comics!  Footrot Flats, Dilbert, the Far Side.  ('I got news for you, I am the lowest form of life' says the amoeba to his wife...)

The normal bagful from the local Library will contain maybe a dvd - Morse, Agatha Christie etc, a book on firearms or war for Junior, a few craft books for me, maybe a good detective novel...  Sometimes magazines or a cookbook, or maybe a picture book of England.  This latest lot contains 'Esplin...Tom and Edith's Creative Journey'.  Tom Esplin was born in Scotland and emigrated to New Zealand.  He was an artist, and his paintings were mostly done with impasto and a palette knife.  He was very prolific, and his wife was an author, so this book contains her writings, also.  There's a lovely father's day poem at the back, penned by Edith to Tom.  Quite beautiful.  I recommend the book.  I appreciate his artwork.  He was brilliant.

On Saturdays, I usually wander over to the Library.  The new Library is quite comfy - a few weeks ago I sat at the front by the picture windows and the breeze coming through the upper windows was lovely.  In winter the same seats can be bathed in sunshine.  I pick up a few books off the new books shelf, and I can 'read the pictures' quite happily for an hour or so, then put most of them back.  I find it a waste of time carrying too many books home.

Then, if I don't have a car, I ring hubby and say I am just wandering over to our favourite Cafe-Restaurant, and I order for both of us, chatting to the owners whilst I wait for my order.  Latte bowl for him, white moccachino for her!  Maybe carrot cake if he's been a good boy!  Thus I con him into taking me home, so I don't have to walk uphill with all those goodies in my new Library bag.

Well, I might also say I really enjoy blogging, and I do.  My ramblings are done for the evening, so I will say adieu.  (Adieu.)

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