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The day that was

, posted: 29-Feb-2008 20:00

Wow, what a day.  What a week.  It's always interesting living in a certain town with 10,000-odd phone lines down. 

As you know, we had approximately eight and a half thousand of those customers in on the first day.  (Boy, what a porky)Sealed  And on the weekend the bosses were away...

We've had it all.  In the papers.  On various websites, including our's truly.  I even had a fellow GZer wanting to interview me (I assume) for stuff dot co!  Couldn't help, as my phone was back to normal on Friday arvo, and anyway, who wants to hear about the poor shop who couldn't sell prepaid vouchers to those whose phones were down, because their phones were down, too!  (Wonder how many millions we lost?  Just as well it wasn't end of month for those who live on Boost/$10 text.)

This morning I had a couple in who counted NINE days since the phones went down, TH F S S M T W TH F.  There. Nine days, did you count?  Before they were all counted out to me I said it couldn't possibly be one of the ten thousand.  (Almost sounds like being part of the chosen few, or even the 144,000...) 

Now, ask Mauricio, I like to have the last say, but there have been several times when silence has been more than golden, even  life-saving, could I say. 

So I shut my mouth when the better half of the duo said they could have both died in bed and how would they have been able to call an ambulence when they are in a dead mobile zone?  (I feel another smiley coming...  Here it is...

Foot in mouth  Apparently that's a foot in that mouth...

(Like hubby said tonight, which dead one was going to call the ambulance?) 

I did explain how to dial 'star one two three' from their telecom prepaid, (Samsung N181 I think it was...)  Even how to avoid the voice recognition by pressing hash and selecting via the key pad. 

Soon they were back. It worked.  They got through.  However, Telecom wouldn't give them a time frame for the repair.  Never mind, I said.  Did you log your fault.

'They wouldn't log it.'

'Why ever not?'

'We're with Telstra.'  Boom Boom!

And to finish the day I got my last mystery shop report, and I only got 82%. 

At least I got nine out of ten for shopping satisfaction!!!Laughing

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 1-Mar-2008 02:14

I have managed an Orb retail store (well, acting manager for Orb Heretaunga St Hasings, because I refused to take it on permanently, because retail don't float my boat, and they only wanted to pay like, $1000 a year more). But anyway... I coached a few staff through mystery shop, and I can tell you that I have picked mystery shoppers the moment they walk in the door. I knew the drill and the measurements inside and out, and watched a brilliant shop girl do EVERYTHING right, without fail (mainly due to her own hard work and dedication), and I ticked everything off as she did it (I watched from the counter as she was mystery shopped), she got a a PERFECT score as set down by Telecom, and yet from the Mystery shopper, got a 50-something %.

Telecom mobile mystery shop is all crap.

I got shopped when I was covering retail in Napier once, and the shopper even admitted to me she was a mystery shopper (I have a way with people, and was only covering shop for a sick staffer - I used to look after managed ME/Corporate accounts). I filled out my own mystery shop afterwards, and honestly scored myself at about 96% I think it was.

Shopper gave me like, 82% for not trying to close sale (I specifically remember saying "Would you like to make that purchase now? I can get it connected for you within minutes, and you can pay by EFTPOS, cash, or on your TNZ account in full or over 12 monthly payments with no cost of finance), and some other thing, that escapes me now, but I know 100% i did - something like not greeting her (I was standing by counter when she came in, and I said "Hi, welcome to Orb, how can I help you today?).... and I get pinged for no greeting.

There is no comeback on this stuff!! Its crap. Telecom always pissed me off in this regard - I know many retail staff who regualrly scored poorly, who were great salespeople, and always said/did all the right things, but mystery shoppers get paid stuff all, and dont care. They dont remember, and four hours later after they pick up the kids and do their shopping, they write the stuff down at home, and get it all wrong.

Author's note by mobygeek, on 1-Mar-2008 09:49

I will confess that my boss agrees with you wholeheartedly, or would, if he didn't think blogs were for people with no life!!!  (You and I know differently, of course!) 

I personally would have no recollection of the event two minutes later! 

I forgot to add the last word the Telstra customers said before they left - I should work for Telecom, I know so much.

My reply?  I only know so much because I work on the ground, so to speak...

As long as we still have a laugh in our bellies at the end of the day, hey?

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