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Sleep Apnoea

, posted: 13-Mar-2008 07:13

Anyone watch the item on sleep apnoea last night?  If I remember correctly it was on Campbell Live.  (Yes it was, I just checked.)  But I was So Tired Last Night I didn't register much.  I caught bits like always tired, always asleep, falling asleep at the wheel, losing weight... 

I have never slept well, and there is a reason for my early childhood sleeplessness - fear.

My dear darling husband (he who has offered to speak to our english lass's hubby about his expectations after their baby is born,) actually dragged me off to a naturopath when our firstborn was three months old, because I was tired.

The first thing I knew about maybe having sleep apnoea was at the doctors early last year.  I mentioned my re-curring nightmares, where a monster, demon, ogre, whatever, is pressing down on my chest.  The more I struggle, the heavier the weight.  I don't know which part of sleep it is in, but the more I try to struggle the worse it gets.  I have to wake myself up, which is hard to do.  I guess I have dreams within dreams (I have them at other times, too,) but it turns out that when I think I have woken up I am still asleep.  It takes a lot of effort, and prayer, to wake up sometimes.

Sometimes it's two or three nights in a row.  You can imagine how tired I am when I become too afraid to fall asleep, especially when it occurs more than once in the same night.

The first time I ever had that type of dream was when we had a new kitten - Fluffy the First.  I was asleep and felt an animal crawling up my feet from the foot of the bed.  I thought it was the kitten.  But 'it' kept coming up, until it sat on my chest and pushed with all it's might.  I couldn't breathe, I was fighting it in my sleep, praying too, but it didn't go.  When I finally awoke, I remember praying 'I rebuke you in Jesus name, you foul thing', and I actually saw two small critters about the same size as cats but a bit like wallabies maybe, bound off the bed, and out through the (closed and curtained) window.  So I thought it was just spiritual stuff...  Like the local yowie, maybe?

Well, my good doctor said it was probably sleep apnoea and I perceived it this way in dreams because I was 'religious'.  He referred me to Manukau Super Clinic.

Well, I had been there the previous december but it turns out they decided I was an illegal alien this time.  (Suppose some people would think of an aussie like that...)  So I had to prove otherwise.  As I did not want to send my passport in I used their alternatives, including my rates notice for my residential address. 
Not good enough apparently.  So I was kicked off the request list, even though I actually physically brought my passport in as proof of residency.  (Only to be told I had been given the wrong information and hadn't needed to...)

I asked my friend at the reception desk of my dr's to get the application resent.  A month or so later, I was told there was an approximate waiting list of four months, taking me to October.

I am still waiting.  And still getting those dreams.  Like last night...

Reckon I have been kicked off the list again?

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 13-Mar-2008 08:30

I have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. A sleep study last year revealed that I stop breathing about 40 times a night. I require surgery to a: remove my giant tonsils, b: correct my badly deviated septum (cool, a nose job!!), and c: reconstruct/reduce my soft palate.

Not cool. Been putting this private surgery off for a while now.

Comment by dc, on 13-Mar-2008 10:25

That sounds more like Sleep Paralysis than sleep apnoea:

Comment by brucie44, on 13-Mar-2008 12:33

I suffer from sleep apnea, and use a CPAP machine at night. Far better for it. You will get a sleep study done at Green Lane. Stay one night, all wired up like Frankestein. But is no t a worry, and nurses make you comfortable. Do you snore lots. My wife loves my machine, makes a quet hum, and is happy I no longer snore. Regards, Bruce.

Author's note by mobygeek, on 13-Mar-2008 12:43

I do snore, I also try to strangle myself sometimes...  LOL.  I have had my tonsils out, but I do have a problem with the lining between my nostrils - it's crooked apparently, and I can't remember all the big names for it!  Back to the drawing room Doctors!

Comment by kiwipawl, on 14-Mar-2008 17:54

Hi MobyGeek

do you snore alot? If so, there is a device outthere called a Snorex. They are made locally for about $500 and work really well. They stop the snoring and can also help with sleep apnoea.
I know they definatley work with the snoring, but can't vouch for the apnoea.

Try Googleing for them in your area.


Comment by southernman, on 17-Mar-2008 13:47

Hiya. I have a snorex and they do work (for snoring), well for a while at least. I'm keen to here more about the CPAP devices - does anyone know how much they cost? And how noisey the pump is? (My poor wife is a light sleeper...)


Comment by Sylver Wyrd, on 18-Mar-2008 11:11

I've lain in bed, thinking I was awake, and felt my cat (who was long dead) creep up from my feet to my chest and sit on it. It's called hypnogogia. If you have insomnia like I do, or have been taking pain drugs like vicondin (opiates), this tends to happen.

Once, I was convinced there was a person sitting on my chest, and I couldn't move for a long time. Once I woke up and had the nerve to open my eyes, there was nothing there.

What is happening, is your body and mind are disconnected while you are waking, and sometimes there is a struggle in you that feels like you are being held down. Just give it a few moments, and you will wake up. There is nothing there!

Comment by aaron, on 21-Mar-2008 11:30

i've had dreams like this, there were times, when I shared an apartment with roommates and slept with the door locked, i thought i'd never wake up and i'd wind up dying, asleep, cause they'd figure i was at my girlfriend's house...

and i've had dreams where i've been attacked by spirits, and woken up to still see them.

based on my experiences, i would say you need to get more physical, start doing yoga, working out, if i'm right, you are too loosely connected with your own body, you have to ground yourself.

also, i'd try to find someone in your area who does shamanic work, someone you can journey into your dreams and see what's going on there, you may have spirits that are messing with you because you're an open door, so to speak...

good luck. yes, probably sleep paralysis also, seems to go hand in hand with the spiritual stuff...

have your hubby watch you to see if you actually stop breathing.

Comment by Rod38, on 22-Mar-2008 15:49

Hi General,I'm living in america in virginia,Ive had sleep apnea for girl noticed that i would stop breathing at night and strain to breathe and then jolt myself awake and breathe rapidly fall right back to sleep and do this over and over again.I was suffering with having sleepy spells during my waking hours and then had a sleep study done.Ive been using a bi-pap machine for 5 years now and it makes a world of difference in my life.Although I'm not sure if I can sleep without it now.oh well better than the surgeries mentioned above.never seen any monsters though.

Author's note by mobygeek, on 22-Mar-2008 18:21

Did yoga as a child, dragged there by 'big al'.  Wouldn't touch it now with a barge pole.  I've had bad spiritual experiences there, too.  At least as a Christian I can take authority over any real demons (yes, and imagined, too, I suppose,) in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Like those first two little 'things' in my original blog.  But it's good to read everyone's experiences;  thanks to all!

Don't go for a lot of 'spiritual' style alternative health/healing styles, either.  Bad stuff if you are spiritually sensitive, which I guess is what I am... 

Had the bad dreams this arvo in my regular nap, too...

Author's note by mobygeek, on 22-Mar-2008 18:49

Last dumb question, since when have I had ads on my blog?  I better ask someone who knows these things...

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