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Baby names!

, posted: 27-Mar-2008 13:02

I have to laugh, a friend of mine, we'll call him 'McKay', rang last week to wish me happy birthday, as his is two days later. I only know him over the phone, through work.

I mentioned that our 'English Lass' is with child...

"If they haven't got a name picked out and it's a boy, 'McKay' is a nice name..."

(English Lass ROFL)

Well, she has a new group on facebook, 'Baby B'. (Name changed to protect the unborn.) Apparently they have no names picked yet, even though maternity leave gets closer every day. So we are suggesting names.

But not 'McKay', which is a nice name for a nice young man... (Who wants to know if I know any single girls in Melbourne. No, sorry.)

I have a favourite web site for baby names, I found it when my cousin had her last baby. In it you can 'rename yourself'.

One puts in one's traits and it comes up with suitable names. Boys' or girls', just make your selection. So I started - Creative. Funny. Joyful. Smart.

Just lilke me. Obviously.

The names were attrocious... For boys there were things like Ludvic, Lud, Sparki, (I kid you not...)

And bang smack in the middle of it all was... 'McKay'...

For girls, there was Twila (as in Paris - Twila Paris - famous christian vocalist). Mali. Meredith. Elouise.

And one for the Aussies - Galah. (Female.)

Then I tried similar traits to Our English Lass (OEL for short).

Beautiful. Cheerful. Intelligent. (As opposed to Smart like me...)

For a boy there is Khalil. But not Kyle. Tate? Bo, or any spelling, including Beaux which according to Jane Austen is plural. Twins maybe? Nah.

For the Girls there were too many. OEL's name was Not there, but how about (Drum roll, please) Lalitamohana. Lalita ... Mohana...

So, I reckon 'McKay' is definitely in the running!

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Comment by muso, on 27-Mar-2008 14:30

McKay from dealer support? :P He's one of my favourites there.

Mobygeek's comment back - SHHHH!!!  Mine too.  But remember,  it's 'McKay'...

Comment by baby boy, on 28-Mar-2008 03:06

I go for McKay.

Author's note by mobygeek, on 31-Mar-2008 10:20

Well, apparently OEL's Hubby doesn't like the name.  She knows because they haven't yet managed to find any names they both like!

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