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Car Blues

, posted: 2-Apr-2008 07:10

I was going to say it's all quiet on the Western Front (Sydney, Newcastle, etc).  But it's not as quiet as a mother would like to think...

I'll backtrack (oops, bad wordchoice) about a year and a half.  Eldest daughter's best friend took off in Eldest's car, like always, as they share (almost) everything.  Eldest had lent the car to another friend the day before, to move house.  He had not topped the water up.

Best friend took off to Cessnock, about half an hour's drive away.  Best friend cooked the car just before she got there.  Eldest asked shonky outfit to install a reconditioned Japanese motor in it.  This they did, not

Eldest learned how to take shonky outfit to mediation.  And won.

Car, with reasonable engine in it needed rego, april fool's day last year.  Hubby went over, spent a fortune registering it, and Eldest paid back $25 a week, except when her place of work was flooded out, and she couldn't work for a few weeks.  Hubby had made sure the Gov't paid her for being a student, and Nanny helped in her darkest days...

So, I watched the car temp guage last christmas when I was there, about 35 plus in the slow crawl into Sydney, one hour got us about 4 K's.  Good thing the car didn't overheat, I innocently remarked.  'Mum, the temperature guage doesn't work, said she.  (I had watched her pur in litres of oil and check the boot for extra water, she sure knew the old thing.)

NO surprise when she rang up in tears, the car died about a few months ago...  Had to use the bus.  'Dad, the bus is really fun...' - Are you young ones listening?)

So, Hubby flew out to Sydney on Saturday.  Got bumped out of economy and went business class.  Lucky boy. He was going to  find another car for her and ditch the old one.

I got impatient to know how the trip was, got no reply on my aussie sim card.  Rang Eldest.

'"S" what's wrong?' I asked.  I knew something was very wrong when she picked up the phone. 

'I had an accident.  Mum I'm okay, the ambo's checked me out.'  Ambulence?  Accident? 

Mis-read the signals of the bus in front, had accident.  Ended up with best friend's parents, who happened to be in Sydney at the time.  Good.  (They will look after her...  They are pastors from our old church...)

'I was just hyperventilating,' she said.  Near panic, more likely.  Hysteria, even.  One drama queen always knows another.

So, after not hearing for two days,  Hubby finally got in touch yesterday.  Eldest had gone to uni, was driving in fact.  Oh, that's good.  He got the car working.

Now, can you read between the lines?  Her car was still in the garage after breaking down.  She had driven best friend's car to Sydney.  The insurance excess is $900!!! 

Not Good. 

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