It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

G'day Mick!!!

, posted: 3-Apr-2008 12:00

I've been sprung!  Daughter number two has been notified by a workmate that he reads my blog...  After checking if her mum's name was Linda, that is.

So, being a bossy boots who has already demanded that I had better not write about her, ever, off she goes to check my latest, now penultimate, offering.

Just as well it was about the other dughter, then! 

Should I persist in writing about her?  Now there's a good question.  You might be able to tell I am just filling in lines here.  There was no comment from her regarding her sister's accident.

A quick update on Eldest, she has her new car, has it insured, the excess etc has been paid for the accident ($900 AUD) and she and hubby went up to Nanny's last night to show off the new car.

If only we could get 'second' licensed.

Ah, now she'll be upset that I've written about her...
So, g'day, 'mick', and hello Miss Kitty Kat...Kiss

Hee hee...

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