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, posted: 4-Apr-2008 08:48

I was thinking that if I am going to write a book, there is either not enough to write about, or else there will be nothing left after I write it all here!

So what should I write about?  I thought about EJSL, me being the 'L' and the others will remain anonymous.  All girls, as was Sydney Girls High!  (Alma Mater!)

But Junior has been at it again, we now have to ask the principal  'How come I was there two weeks ago being told everything was ok and now I get a letter saying he is in danger of failing ART?'

I got home before him yesterday, so I confiscated his mate's PSP and whilst Junior did the vacuuming, I returned it to his best friend.  Another 'Stan'.  I forgot the charger, so I offered to take it to school tomorrow.

'I'm not going to school tomorrow.'

'Are you truanting?'

'I'm being threatened by a gang of bullies.'

Lovely.  He's not going back until his dad has talked to the school.  HA! 

Junior's father says no fighting, "Stan's" says fight.  So how come mine fight and his doesn't?  Junior especially.  Regularly, and since primary, apparently...

Miss two-eye-see mentioned this morning that she had been bullied about her acne.  So how did the unfortunate child survive?  The other girl, not mine.  I would have thought she would have hit her, or at least retaliated somehow... 

And it was at the Christian school.  The one that took in the dregs the other schools chucked out, those who got Eldest into trouble. 

No, it was pastor's kids who werre the perpetrators.  (PK's)

'If I had known I would have spoken to their parents.  Told 'em to teach their children some christian love.'  And had one more gripe against the whole brood of vipers.  (Jesus' words, not mine.)  Oops, no, brood of vipers less about two good teachers, those who actually liked my kids and tried to help them...

But it's too late now, I suppose. 

Heck, I was the worst girl in the school in 1976.  One of the girls in our group had terrible acne.  Very shy.  (She's got a famous brother who's a doctor, and she beat him in her final exams...  She's a vet now.)

We spent hours trying to get her to participate in English.  That's the only class she had to put up with us, luckily.

Then one day another girl in the group piiped up 'Mum died the other day.'  Wo, we had no idea, but we left 'Jane' alone and concentrated on the other girl. 

Great chick, just couldn't bear to say what was happening at home.  We all became good friends.

And I don't recall anyone being bullied about acne by anyone in our group.  Our own two pimples a week were enough to worry about.  That's ignoring the guy from Sydney Boys High on the clearasil ads who we knew absolutely never had a pimple on his face.

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