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Round One.

, posted: 12-Apr-2008 07:17

Oops, I mean Term One. I'm sure you would all like to know how Junior is getting on this year.

Great! Or so I told his Doctor. You know, the one in Auckland with the interest in ADHD... Showed him the Excellence certificate he got for English. That's right, the one he Forgot to show his mummy and daddy... Mentioned how I had been to see the dean, who had forgotten to get the (ahem) 'Confidential' reports from Juniors teachers (that I apparently am not allowed to see...).

The Dean said 'No News Is Good News', meaning that no one had complained to her about Junior. Also that she had not bothered to look at his attendence record, either, in hindsight...

Junior took two tablets a day for the exams, I told the good Doc. (Which is say sincerely, because I reckon he is good.) Couldn't get Junior to bed at night for the first few weeks... Only wants to take one tablet a day, which is the children's dose. Adult dose is two, they metabolise quickly... I was giving him two before school for the exam period... (Junior is officially 3cm taller than me...) I can keep him on one a day if that's what he wants. Doctor was proud of him for his certificate...

Now here's the truth. Got his report - it's for the first six weeks of term one only. That's why they call it Interim.

The dean got his appointments to see the teachers for parent/teacher interview night. Hubby got home from Aussie just in time to be there. Just as well.

I digress. Last week I got a letter from his art teacher saying he was in danger of failing - not attending, not doing class work, no home work... I rang hubby in Aus, he said go straight to the Principal. I had to sit there at work making the appointment, well, attempting to, anyway, and stressing in a strong monotone that my husband would not take no for an answer - he had requested an interview and he was going to get one...

I rang the dean. How could this be possible? What did she know about it? Got the reply after getting the appointment with the principal - new teacher on the block, didn't follow protocol. Seeing sense, I cancelled the principal's appointment, telling the secretary there had been a misunderstanding and it was now sorted. Do not, no way, ever, get yourself on the wrong side of the people who try to help. Keep the dean on the right side, know what I mean...

Interviews. Here's an overview of the interview from any view whatsoever. (Sorry, just had to throw another 'view' in there!)

Vertical Form room. Teacher is English. Drop Junior off at the front of the school now so he will not miss his homeroom which is first in the gate. Contrary to what Junior thinks, Vertical Form Room is very important.
Ugg. Junior go vertical form room. Not get marked absent. Ugg. Memo to junior - mother know how many days Junior really absent...

English. Teacher is South African. Didn't know Junior had Aspergers Syndrome. Wanted to make a fuss about it. We, on the other hand are so over aspergers, and concentrating on what can be 'treated'. Junior gets about three minutes individual attention in English, in an hour's lesson, because he is one of 26. Statistically speaking, I guess he is getting his fair share. Teacher was dumbstruck when I mentioned his last year's teacher, a dean in her own right and also last year's head of department, so not a dummy and also thought I was actually a good mother, thought it was possible Junior was gifted. I have mentioned all this in my email to the dean. I was nearly in tears at the end. Oh yes, attendence, about 9 lessons out of the last thirty... (Plus more bad stuff, but that's enough for now...)

Maths. Teacher is English. (This Nationality business is just a side view, giving a taste of life, nothing more...) When Junior is there he does very well. That is when he is not drawing firearms on everything, including himself. He has actually passed six assessments, and if he would apply himself a bit more, he would get Junior to sit the external exam. Blast that child. Just like his mother. Goof off all year and then pass everything with flying colours... And just like big sis, who is studying to be an english/history teacher...

Science. Teacher is English. Bless that woman. When Junior bothers to show up she actually gets him to do his assessments... Once he has passed an assessment he can basically toss his paperwork out! (No external exams there, either.) All he needs is to actually bring paper, preferably in a notebook, and she will be happy. Doesn't even bother trying to get the class to do homework - it is enough just to teach them in class and get the assessments passed. You go girl!

Art. Teacher is English. Apologised for the letter regarding Junior being sent out in haste... Actually Likes Junior... Could do some work at home to keep on top of it all... Could also attend classes... Junior is actually talented.

Sport. Quantity and Quality unknown, although it is one of his electives. Not sure what happened there, but we did not get an appointment for this subject.

Engineering. One teacher not sure of Nationality, other teacher Kiwi. First teacher said there was no point in seeing us as Junior had not attended class since 4th March. What's with the magic date? Apparently, one day, a few of the boys were teasing Junior and saying he was stoned. Second teacher, who was not in attendence on the interview night, dragged Junior out of class after he hit the roof at his mates. 'Are you stoned?' He asked a very annoyed Junior.

As an aside, the engineering teacher actually likes Junior, too, as he told hubby who snuck in for a private word with him when he wasn't busy. I personally stayed out of it...

Now, what would I have said? It would have depended on the teacher. 'Takes one stoner to know another'? Or worse... Junior just didn't turn up. My opinion, is that the teacher had two choices, to call the police if he thought he was stoned, or to get his b----y class under control. And that was the teacher whom Junior used to hero worship. Great. I feel he should apologise to Junior. But I haven't mentioned it to the dean yet.

So, Why did it take so long for all these absences to be made apparent? Why, if teachers were made aware of Junior, were they not made aware of me? Why do I feel like I am back to square one?

Now it is back to the doctor, to talk about the higher dosage. My suspicion is he is 'coming down' in the arvos, at that is when the most absences occur. Even his science teacher was suprised to see him at a last period lesson this week.

Back to square one. Hey, I didn't know life was a game of snakes and ladders!!!

PS Don't you just love it when other people actually think your little terrors are well mannered etc. As my Aussie girlfriend says, at least you know they are behaving when they are out. Plus most teachers, I say most, actually like the bloke.

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