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Linda's 'Big Day Off'

, posted: 15-Apr-2008 10:38

And what am I doing? I have sent my daughter's i-pod to Omni-tech for a repair, possibly just a software fix. Will let you know how it goes... Yawn - done the groceries, half a trolley at Pak n Save gets you (Them) nearly $200 bucks... But not a free coffee... And a raincheck on my six cent petrol voucher. (Wha? They can't print the real one out at present.)

James Taylor on the DVD and Mr Puter for freindship. Oh, and Junior home sick.

So, what sites am I checking out? One of my favourites, the Sacred Sandwich. Don't ask me how I ever found it, but it's a good site for satire. Take a look before you shoot me. Good Photos, like 'opposable strums' - a chimp with a guitar. The caption goes like this (and pardon me for getting larger print. You may be able to enlighten me on how to get back to 'normal'...)

Koko's time as lead guitarist for the Lansing Baptist Praise Band soon ended when it was discovered that he was pro-evolution

I like the 'opposable strums' headline. A bit of silliness. Their latest 'Twin Theologians' article is good. Go on, take a peek. You know you want to...

How about sheepcomics dot com? Not so much funny but true in a lot of respects. Sometimes you have to read the Author's comments to really understand...

Re-discovered mini-clip games. They have a new 'five minute' game - Putty Face! That's fun for about four and a half minutes... The puddy cats morphed well... Plus one more place to play Sudoku.

It's a bit sad, really, for a day off. Might go read a book, I have a Ruth Rendell with four Inspector Wexford novels in it... After all, there's only so much coffee one can drink on her wet, dreary grey day off...

Let's see if I can get a morph in here... Nup. Doesn't want to show, keeps puting some random stuff onto my beautiful blog...


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