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Hubby's been shopping...

, posted: 19-Apr-2008 17:07

Harumph! While I was asleep trying to ignore a tummy bug (good thing the computer can't catch it and pass it on...) he's been shopping. About half an hour ago I got up to answer a text message, Junior is sleeping wlsewhere, and I noticed a box on the floor. The book of instructions probably tipped me off! Then he came in and said 'I have a confession to make'. After 28 years we now make confessions regularly!!! 'You've been shopping', said I, full of wisdom and wit. So Here I am making a 'story' out of anything (or nothing) in particular and you are dying to know. (Maybe.)

He's been to Dick Smith's and brought a DSE branded digital set top box, down from $499 to $399!!! LOL. How could he resist? I have it on great authority ('Yeah, it was a good bargain honey, honestly'), that we have saved ourselves a fortune by not buying the same thing branded otherwise, elsewhere. 'It's only on special until the 28th', says he, 'if you want to tell anyone else...' (And do I add while stocks last?)

So, of course we got it just in time to watch some of the racing at Hamilton. Well, I get to watch it because she who must be obeyed was over to do her washing and has made him take her to Pak n Save so she can buy herself some wine. I just thought of something, she could save for a washing machine of her own (and the electricity to use it...) by not buying the vino. Then she could get her own digital set top box, too, to go with the TV she took from our place when she moved out...

The Sanyo LCD tv I won last year has never looked better. I rang our english lass to tell her about the big bargain, becuase she won one, too, but she is not buying anything at present if it isn't for the 'new arrival'.

So I thought I'd tell you. How you 'fess up' to your other halves is up to you. Better just get over it quickly.


PS If you go elsewhere and buy something similar, it is more expensive, and you have to buy the HDMI cable, says he, who is presently explaining to me why you need to buy the correct cable.  You didn't know I could type and listen to all that jargon at the same time, did you?

Said cable came in the DSE box!!!  Double Bargain...

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