It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

Hmmm. What shall I write about today?

, posted: 29-Apr-2008 19:42

Back at work again.

Nothing too much to write about, except Mauricio put me on to fark dot com. Good one!

One of the pages I looked at from there were pictures of then and now. So, you find a picture of yourself as a child and then replicate the look with your good self now.

There was a choice photo of three brothers in superman suits, but I don't think the little one in the middle had to put his undies on the outside for the later photo...

I was thinking a picture of me in profile at four in a little apron with suitcase (or was that school case from ye olde days?) . I have a nice large apron, and I have a briefcase, and done in black and white you may not notice the colour difference in aprons. Or in hair... Don't worry, I could don a business suit... And just post a note saying the shot was successful without ever showing you!

Nah, I have to con my way into hubby's study (ooh, I'm a poet/say it three times really quickly!) and use his scanner/printer/copier. Which, incidentally, I pinched from the rubbish bin at a previous job. Rodgy Dodgy had worn it out with constant photo printing, but left to it's own devices, (Hah, there I go again...) it works well. It's not on my computer because a) I have a tiny little desk, and b) this computer wouldn't take the questionable software needed. I say that, because it does seem a little odd, the disc it came with. Luckily, I scored that, too. Raided Rodgy's filing cabinets...  (With his permission, of course!)  Maybe I should kick Junior's speakers off my desk and claim said item back?

Another interesting way to do this type of photo would be to google around and find a likely looking shot you could do at home. Like Harry Houdini in straight jacket under water, perhaps?

Honestly, Linda, you are too much sometimes...

Luckily one of us is on holidays at work this week, or I would be accused of being boring. To my face.  But to prevent this criticism I might have to invent some bedtime stories, which I promise I would mark clearly as fiction, or write some poetry for you.

Speaking of poetry, does anyone else appreciate poor attempts to put prose into rhyming rubbish? I have a friend who puts her christmas letter into 'verse' and I would rather have twenty paragraphs of prose. Last weekend I heard the lamest lines I've had shoved against my eardrums for quite some time. Including last year's christmas letters...

Let's see, how would it go...

If I wrote something that rhymed,
I'm sure you wouldn't mind...
The tempo would be quite mild,
Anything else'd drive you wild.

I see you're getting the picture...
Of horribly in-grown 'dicture'.

I know I don't make any sense
So please spare me your two pence
Worth of criticism
I'll keep my witicism!!!

I'd love to keep on at you about those who make their verse too long,
but I think I've made my point so for now it's 'So Long'.

Do not Cry!
Leave all your fears...

'Cause I say Cheers...
Big Ears!

Oh Brother..........  Or was that 'Bother', Pooh Bear style?

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