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So, how have you been?

, posted: 1-May-2008 07:36

We're fine here. Hubby is between jobs; good thing he only had four working days off... He has taken over the one and only car and is driving me nuts! I have even been made to sit in the back seat on one occasion. Me and my back can't take that kind of two-door-car-treatment.

Hope you have forgiven me for my 'rhyming prose' from that last blog. Creative writing can be hard sometimes! I would love to hear your comments (groans) on that last blog. No, really, It's good when the monologue becomes dialogue. Anyone know the word for many-logue? Is it Multilogue? If I have the last word is it ultilogue? What about second last word? Penultimalogue? Where did I read that aphorism - 'Why use a big word when a miniscule one will do?'

The Library at Taree has a couple of good books, 'Big Words for Superior People' volumes one and two. Humdingers for those of you who are as inferior as me...

Anyway, I told you Our English Lass (OEL for short, I'll have to give her a real alias one day) is With Child, as I think you already know. If you visit our store, the one where we work, at any rate, you will meet her first. So, she took the front desk because she started two days before me, therefore is senior to me... Thus getting all the bad customers arguing about why their chargers are no longer covered under warranty after six months, and why their phone is not covered for warrenty at eighteen months of age, despite being sent away ten months ago and it's still doing the same thing... (C'mon, breath, Linda.)

I, on the other hand, sit in front of the boss who sees every page I look at, and does not approve of Geekzone despite the fact that I found this site from one of Telecom's sites... 'Don't you dare write anything inflammatory that can be traced back to my URL.' Honestly I am not that type of person... Meaning I am not inflammatory, not that I know how to hide the URL... Besides, I watch those american police programs, they always get their hacker.

I also get to do the calling of the leads. Like yesterday, I get the customer who says we treated him badly and he's going to vodafone, even if they are just the same. His words, not mine. I see he started with a Samsung A900 and went to a Pantech something or another, probably because the Samsung was liquid damaged. And it's all our fault. I am beginning to think he may have brought the Pantech in because it wasn't holding charge. When that happens store policy is to charge it overnight, and keep it for a week to see if it loses power. They are then sent away if they don't hold charge, but usually they are returned to the customer and we attempt to explain about weak signal etc. Someone told me that they don't get power from the signal strength, and I just say 'Exactly - if they did, you wouldn't have any power where you live.'

Ah, the good old days, where we used to say they are a mobile phone, not intended for use at home... That was back in Aussie. That wouldn't cut the mustard with my dad and daughter, who don't have landlines... Which means no cheap calling for me on my telecom land line account at present...

Well, why did I mention OEL was preggers? Oh yes, her 'hooby' (ryhmes with hood) is teasing her, saying she'll soon be waddling etc. Plus he had the audacity to complain that she kneed him in the back two nights ago. 'Tell him that it's physically impossible for you to get your knee up that high now,' says I. 'And give him a few more knees for good measure. Then you can bash him up in the delivery room and tell him it's all his fault anyway!'

Aren't we women mean. Now I never did that to my hubby. Just bit his head off. Like, I am not a physical person. As you may be able to tell, I am verbal. Verbose, even. Dictionary time. Hey, it's not there. I may be in trouble now...

But OEL is having the front-row-forward-syndrome - she was asleep (finally) when she was attacked in the ribs from within.  I said good thing it isn't twins starting to 'sibble' already!  I see a picture, probably from the Bugs Bunny Show, where the dog is trying to attack the little kitten.  When the dust finally clears the dog is biting his own foot!  So maybe junior (him indoors, so to speak) was picking a fight with an as-yet undeveloped part of himself.

Now, if you get to here and there's no more, it's because I am at work and somebody is watching...

Well, I'll put in a few more words, I have had a few to say on Facebook, OEL has had the usual flack this morning...  I absolutely REFUSE to take back two phones because they are running flat in a poor reception area.  The male of the duo is happy to try a bit more battery charging...

Oh yes, and the other girl is on hols, but I found her NZ Herald puzzle book under the keypad, right where the customers can probably see it...  I have blacked out the answers in the back of the booklet and cut others out, and put them in an envelope saying happy birthday on it.  She's 40 next month!  Will have to give her heaps!  And some goodies, too, I suppose.

The toilet is flooded out the back of the shop...  I got drenched getting in and out of the car this morning, have given hubby the shopping list - lets see how he gets on.  I doubt if he'll go shopping, or even do the dishes which I refuse to do - He has man flu. 

I'll leave you with the thought that if you are at home and your better half is working a fourty hour week you had better help with the chores, not make her/him work, cook and do all the dishes.  That means clean up your lunch stuff, too, dear...

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