It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

Princess rambles. Again.

, posted: 2-May-2008 09:34

Helllo, it's Princess here, remember me?  Looks like the missus has forgotten to change the passwords again...  What does she think I do all night sitting on top of the computer?

I must tell you, that fat old Fluffy is getting soft.  Usually he sidles up to me and starts grooming me.  That's a sure sign I am about to get scruffed up.  Well, last night he started on the grooming, wrapped his paws around me and was about to start biting me. 

But I got him back! 

Instantly, I twisted out of his grasp and sprung on him!  You should have seen him!!!  It was all over in an instant.  Silly cat, every time he thinks he's going to be bettered, he falls over!

I heard the missus laughing and telling the boss that it was because I am fat.  Well, really!  Load of nonsense.

I am the Queen of the house, I will have you know.  I will not tolerate such nonsense.

But enough of me.  Almost.  Last night, as I lay recumbent in my ivory tower, aka the roof cavity of the garage, what do you think happened?

Some random neighbour - actually, not too random, as I know where they live - started doing a Solo Karaoke at ten past eleven!  What a caterwaul, pardon the expression. 

It echoed horribly through the bare walls of the garage, er, tower.  I was sure it would wake the missus.  And I was right.  Not too long afterwards, there was a mild light as she fumbled through the dark, seeking refuge.  I'm sure she could have slept happily in the lounge room, one can't hear one's self think with the de-humidifier going.

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