It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

Princess rambles. Again and again.

, posted: 2-May-2008 09:34

Oops, I pressed the wrong button, and now I have been read by several people, but I haven't even finished yet...

So I will start half way through in case you have already read my first 'edition'...

Here goes.

But enough of me.  Almost.  Last night, as I lay recumbent in my ivory tower, aka the roof cavity of the garage, what do you think happened?

Some random neighbour - actually, not too random, as I know where they live - started doing a Solo Karaoke at ten past eleven!  What a caterwaul, pardon the expression. 

It echoed horribly through the bare walls of the garage, er, tower.  I was sure it would wake the missus.  And I was right.  Not too long afterwards, there was a mild light as she fumbled through the dark, seeking refuge.  I'm sure she could have slept happily in the lounge room, one can't hear one's self think with the de-humidifier going.

Somebody called noise control, (I don't know who....) and they made a lovely racket slamming their car door...  Seems the noise had already stopped by the time they arrived...  But how is one to sleep with all that noise echoing through my ivory tower?

Oh yes, and I must tell you, the missus of the house went off to aquarobics and they were not on last night.  Poor dear, all hyped up, and freezing cold when she got back.  So I very kindly hopped under the covers with her to warm her up.  But then she started patting me.  I will have to have a little queenly giggle here, she got me so excited I stabbed her in the buttocks when I started 'marking time'.  Ho ho, she did jump a bit!

The other thing I have learned when under cover with her, so to speak, is not to purr.  That's a sure give-away when the boss is looking for cats to 'put to bed'.  But somehow, he always knows that if I am not to be found, that I can be found there... 

Oh it's a hard life for a little pussy cat like me. 

But not as hard as when I was abducted as a kitten, as I recall having mentioned in my last little discourse.

Here I am, marking time on my lounge chair.  TTFN, darlings!

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Comment by Teresa from Taree, on 3-May-2008 05:23

hi friend, love yr Princess entries, thought they were great. couldn't manage to get the photoe up though-dissappointing! well i might say a quick hello here. don't know who else might be reading this- so hi if you are. daughter girl is doing really well with her new baby. i have new photoes already. 141 in total. he is growing so big already. hope suzi has sent some piccys to you. Courtney sent down a c.d. of the photoes with the great nan-(mum) Courtney has been telling me about face book, sounds really good, might look into it. well you sound like your having a great time of things over there. ok bye for now, will be in touch soon, lots lof love Teresa.xox

Author's note by mobygeek, on 6-May-2008 15:15

Ah, facebook.  Don't you love it?  I get to see everyting my kids are up to.

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