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A few distant ramblings...

, posted: 6-May-2008 15:00

And there might even be a few rumblings, or even grumblings, too, before this blog is over...

It's finally happened. I have acquired a Nokia for a while. Vodafone branded, if you please. I've gone out and bought an SD card and USB reader, since I haven't managed to crack hubby's computer. Hacking, I think it's called, is it not?

Grumble one, he has changed his user password, and I do not know the latest one, and he has dissed me as a user, too. Or is that two grumbles? (Two for one is Friday, so sorry.)

Anyway, I have a picture of a guitar on it, and it twangs ever-so-nicely as I open and close it. Hope I don't break the hinge! The twang is a nice touch for a retired guitarist like me. But that, of course, is for another day, as always.

I prefer my sanyo M1 menu;  I can use the keypad to get where I want to go, without having to go up down sideways around the twist... The Nokia is a bit dissapointing there, but hey, no late 'nineties pranks of 'Nokia has a hidden pac-man game', if you know what I mean!  (Just ask if you don't.)

I did what I learned from Geekzone, took a photo and saved to SD, (Micro of course, but that means too much typing, and possible eye-strain for us all,) made the voice recording, etc, and without so much as a Take-a-Video, there also magically appeared a Video Folder. Fancy that!

I have paired up my Bluetooth headset. I am starting to sound more geeky by the minute... The icon doesn't go green like my M1's does, but the difference in sound quality is staggering.

Heres the compare and contrast, as it would be if I were writing an essay... When paired with the Sanyo, it crackles. It does that on the Nokia, too.  Just a little bit.  Both whilst waiting for music... (or whatever...) When I put the Sanyo in my back jeans' pocket, it cuts in and out. Hang on, let me try it with the Nokia. Oops, no, when I shut it, it pauses. Haven't got a manual for the Nokia, but someone might inform me if I can train it otherwise. But put it behind my back and it's fine. Walked around the corner of the room and the Nokia cut out, but cut in again when I came back in line-of-sight... Wouldn't even try that with the Sanyo...

But oh, my, the quality of the music is much better on the Nokia, in every way. The sound comes out of nowhere, as far as I can tell, without a headset. Very clear, too, but I have not cranked the volume up to ten yet. The sound of the Sanyo sans headgear is rather like a little tranny I took to the beach with me back when I was a surfie chick. (Couldn't possibly be a surfie anymore, they don't make bikinis in my size!!!)

I had been dissapointed with my bluetooth headset - it was $75 duty free at Auckland Airport over Christmas, a Samsung, actually, but I am happy with it now!

I would send the Sanyo away but I fear it may have a bit of liquid damage, not that I know of any, but the media player on the front has not worked since I roamed, even though I have discussed it with the Telecom Data Helpdesk. Who have always been brilliant, at least when I have had to ring them for work etc.

Needless to say, I would never live it down if it was known at work that I had wet my phone! It was bad enough getting down on my knees at lunch time yesterday begging for this phone!!!

'Please, please may I have it? I'll be good, I promise! I won't even mention that I won an argument with you on Saturday morning...' (Ha, that was me saying the drain was blocked and showing Mr boss where the hole was... it was good to hear the rush of water as a large antenna was shoved down there...  After all, Our English Lass is preggers, and we don't want her throwing up from the smell of stagnant water, now, do we!?!?

One grumble, but it doesn't matter so much now that I can get online... I haven't worked out how to get a play list going yet.  But I do intend to download the manual...

Talking about on-line, Junior came home yesterday from school, couldn't find the cables and thought his father had disconnected him from the internet. Hubby got home from his new job to see junior trying to re-connect because he didn't know Hubby had finally got the wi-fi going...

And finally, one rumble...  That's my tummy telling me it's time for afternoon tea.  TTFN!

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Comment by NZtechfreak, on 6-May-2008 15:17

What model do you have?

Author's note by mobygeek, on 6-May-2008 15:43

6131.  I would also like the software and a 'free' data cable.  LOL.  But I might be able to wangle the correct cable from work overnight at some stage.  Preferrably not when I am about to have a sicky the next day.  I would get shot!

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