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Oh, and One More Thing...

, posted: 7-May-2008 10:02

V vs T. I worked out what the '3' thingy was on the Vodafone branded Nokia. Der. 3G! Is that good or bad? I don't know. What I can say is that I absolutely had to download a song, seeing that my last twenty bucks prepaid lasted all year last time...

It was a pretty ordinary experience, I can tell you that right now. I reckon I could have downloaded five songs on my M1 in the time it took my 'new' Nokia.

(And put 'My' in quotation marks, too. I am gonna have to fight hubby for it each morning, I think. This morning, I found my sim card on our dressing table.)

Just for my friends who keep up with me via this blog, the Sanyo M1 is my Telecom phone, the Nokia 6131 is my/our Vodafone handset. Telecom at present is CDMA, Vodafone is GSM.

It is much faster and 'cleaner' to 'browse' the web on my M1 compared to the Nokia, that's for sure.

If 'intuition' is the standard by which to judge, the M1 and Telecom win hands down.

But not to be a whining aussie all the time, I am sure I will get the hang of it. Sooner, perhaps, and then hubby can get a handle on it later. That makes sense, doesn't it!

So, seeing I have had several goes at this blog today and lost all but the first paragraph each time, even after saving, I shall leave it at that.

No witty or pithy, even, quips about the protected experiences the new locked handsets will bring.  Sorry, Protect.  Or is that bring?  Oh, I don't know.


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