It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

Oh, Junior, what now?

, posted: 8-May-2008 10:39

First of all, hello to my Aussie friends who keep up with the Georges via this blog.

This morning, I called Junior into the kitchen, to have a wee talk to him.  Hubby came and put his arm around his shoulder for support.

"Now, Junior, I said, Just because you are a man does not mean that you know everything about everything."

(Methinks, yes, especially about what women want.)

"For instance, you did not know that the computer was on Wi-fi when youcame home from Gran and Grandads, did you?"  (Good lecture coming.) 

(Lots of encouragement and support from his Dad for what was coming next.)

Well, what was coming next?  I hear you ask.  What's happened this time?

Let me track back to a comment I made to Our English Lass before I left work yesterday...

'I cleaned the coffee maker this morning.  It's a bit funny, all it had in it was a dribble of coffee.  I suppose it wasn't strong enough?'

Oh, no, I said to myself.  What has he done?

Can you guess?  I got there this morning to find that he had done it this way - Put the water in the coffee maker.  Put the coffee in with the water.  Put the filter in to catch the dregs.  Turn on the coffee maker.

It took a great while to get the coffee out...  Plus not liking electricity and water together, of course, I was rather worried about the whole process.

Well, the coffee was alright, and I didn't die...

Here's the rest of the conversation.  (Opens the filter holder on the coffe pot...) 

"The coffe goes IN the Filter, see?  In here."

"Oops.  Sorry."

"Now, for your information, it is best to learn from others who have knowledge to pass on, (Wonders if that might extend to teachers...) Not by your mistakes." 

"AND, It's Mothers' Day this Sunday.  You can buy me a new coffee maker if you really want to."

See the pretty coffee in the water there?

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