It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

Can you read this?

, posted: 9-May-2008 15:24

Hvae you seen tihs bferoe?  'Sicetnitss' say you can raed tihs if the frist and lsat ltreerts are in the crorcet palce...

Ocne uopn a tmie three was a llttie baer.  His nmae was Tdedy.  Of crouse.  He had raed all aobut Winine the Pooh, and wetnad to itimtae him.

He aslo raed Gekenoze.  And epseclialy all aobut Mr Bdilde.

So he cahnegd the wrows of poho's own peom, and it cmae out lkie tihs...

The mroe it swons, bdidly-pom, the mroe it geos,
the mroe it geos, bliddy-pom, on swonnig.
And noobdy kwons, bldidy-pom, how clod my nsoe, bliddy-pom,
how clod my nsoe bdlidy-pom, is gowrnig.

Tihs peom wirtetn by 'Gladys Friday'...

Cehras, beagirs....

Next time it's gunna be total agranams...

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