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Family Nights...

, posted: 11-May-2008 19:51

...Are not going too smoothly at present. See, you get to survive their teenage years, and as soon as you forget why you had to actually survive them, you can become friends again! Simple, so when you actually get there, and maybe you can remember I mentioned it. Mind you, it might not happen the same way for you, either! Hopefully it will be better/easier/whatever.

So, geek-man-boy had not been seen for dinner for two weeks. These family nights were held regularly on a Sunday, and usually Miss K-K went home early to watch Ugly Betty. That's after Junior offended everyone by calling his oldest brother a stoner, poked G-M-B in the face, breathed Miss K-K's air or whatever.

Anyway, I sent him some food via big brother, with whom he shares a house. Still waiting for my plate to come home, so he didn't get any more.

Got a bit worried about him. A bit suspicious, even. Put out a few feelers with his siblings, to make sure he was still on their right side.

Went to ring him. No phone. Stolen again. Got him on his home phone. Of course he has one, couldn't live without broadband, could he.

'Been working hard Mummy', Says he. 'Got me phone stolen. How about dinner on Saturday night this week?' (Read, I have no date...)

So, Dinner was nice and laid back, except for Hubby telling me at quarter to six that he was so tired he couldn't possibly get out the barbie and do the meat.

GRRRRR. I hit the roof! So I ranted and raved and said I was tired, too, and he could have told me two hours ago...

He cooked the steak while I boiled the sausages so he could fry them. He bought two cast iron frying pans so he used one of those. I had already bought Felafel mix for Miss Vegetarian, and had cooked some patties and the vegies, so we finally got to eat. (How does Junior get more ice cream in his Kiddy Cone than the others do?)

It's funny, because they all remember Geek-man-boy hasn't been to dinner since we all decided it was his turn to do the dishes. I am sure if we had had a dish washer when they were growing up they would have been counting all the pieces they had loaded.

Can't you just hear it? 'He only put in two mugs and I put in all the dishes.' (Like all six of them.)

The boys reckon that Mondays suit them just fine. Oh, yeah, they can come to Bible study with us straight after G-M-B does the dishes! Reckon they'd like that, I do...

Anyway, It's mothers' day, too. Hubby said I had to get my prezzies off the kids, as I am not his mother. So, I got a lovely card from Miss K-K. All about being best friends... (refer to first paragraph to get the meaning...)

I got a phone call from the oldest, who lives in Aussie. She couldn't talk for long as she has a major essay to do. On Vietnam. She's studying to be an English/History teacher at high school, obviously. She's also doing her prac teaching at the local high school in our old town, she can stay at her best friend's folks place. Last year, in her first year, their prac was sitting in a Primary school class room and observing. How lame was that?

Anyway, Hubby has picked more mushies today, and peeled them all, except for the buttons. I washed those, dipped them in egg and breadcrumbs and deep-fried them. Not bad. The crumbs actually stuck! Daughter went with him, apparently cutting small mushies off at the stem, and inspecting them in fine detail. Hubby picked up all the ones she tossed back. He reckons she had about eight in her bucket when they were finished. Big Brave Girl!

And I must remember, when fathers' day comes around, to buy myself a box of fancy chocolates instead of buying hubby anything. Got the hint, fellers?

And this is the sort of thing Fluffy has to put up with on Family Night!

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