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'The times they are a-changing'

, posted: 14-May-2008 09:26

I was actually singing that to myself the other day, and I thought it would be appropriate.  See, last night Hubby got home at six looking rather hungry.

I went to the soup pot to finish taking the meat off the bones only to discover it wasn't quite 'done'.  Could still taste raw green pea flavour, if you've ever made pea and ham soup.

"Never mind" says Hubby, "It can wait until tomorrow."

Whoa!  He's never been that relaxed about having to get take-aways before.  But it was a good opportunity to bribe Junior into finishing his room. 

Junior had been sent to do his room on Saturday.  He got as far as finding his old cars and marbles...

Hubby only has a five minute drive home, so he's much more relaxed these days.  He got fed up with the long haul back from Auckland.  There and back, actually...  Hey, I only did it once, and I wouldn't do it again.  That was in the pouring rain on a Friday night and there was a slow crawl through Karaka... 

(As an aside, I suppose that's what happens when suburbia comes to town.)

I remember back when we were newly wed.  Hubby worked for the NRMA, which is like the AA.  I woulld have to get myself ready for work, make his lunch, and do the dishes before racing for a 7.30 am bus.  (Flexi time...  The earlier I got there the sooner I could get home.)

When hubby started night shift I had to make dinner and keep it hot on top of a boiling pan of water.  Once I had a chinese meal in the oven staying warm.  After two hours in there, the squid just melted in your mouth.  Must be a bit like chuck steak...  Wouldn't like to try pan-seared chuck!

I'll skip the thirteen months we lived with the in-laws while we built the brother a house so we could move into his old one.

But in our own home, I had to wait on him hand and foot.  He was a farmer, you know.  And his mother did likewise.  (Hey, she had nothing better to do!)

I had to put his lunch out before I went out, if I wasn't going to be back in time.  Fresh lettuce, grated raw beetroot (yuck), onion, raw garlic, grated carrot, grated cheese, COLD MEAT, (most important) bread, butter, jam, peanut butter etc etc etc. 

Sick, pregnant, in labour, it didn't matter.  I did all the meals.  Then one day he told me he liked cooking.  As I picked my lower jaw off the ground he just mentioned he didn't like having to work all day and then cook.  (Yeah, but I had to, didn't I!)  Back then there was no McDonalds in Pukekohe, and we couldn't possibly have justified the cost of petrol to go the 8 k's there and back, anyway.  Oh, once or twice we went to the takeaway shop on the motorway by Beaver Road.  That was before they put the middle barrier in.  (It's now called Maggies, for what it's worth...)

Then we went back to Aussie, I became a business woman, still doing it all.  But something snapped somewhere along the line.  (My undies or my sanity?)  He now makes his own breakfast, and lunch!  That's because I don't do it right! 

You better believe it!  Oh, yeah, and if he wants take-aways, he can get them himself, too.  (I'm off to the gym...)  And, guess what's for dinner tonight?

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