It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...


, posted: 17-May-2008 10:36

So reads the headline at our place.  On wednesday, as some of you night recall, Junior was at home with a cold.  He was tucked up in bed with a few good books.  One was the  illustrated histyory of arms, a must in anybody's library.  The other was the outdoor book for adventurous boys.  Both from The Library.  Hopfully they are still in mint condition...

So what is destructo-boy all about?  He had his icecream container on the floor beside the bed.  Fortunately his mother had moved his electrical supply in case he spat into it by mistake.  Very sick was our boy.  It makes me shudder to even think about it!  (The icecream container, that is.)

His mobile phone was on his desk.  His best friend's PSP was beside it.  Fluffy was tucked up safely beside him to keep him warm...

Enter the mother.  Fluffy sees his chance for escape.  Off like a shot.  "Stay in bed.  Your are sick, and your father will be home for lunch,' I warn him.

So, I get home, to find much disaster.  'Er, Mum, today fluffy kicked my mobile phone off my desk.  Into my spit bucket.' 

Oh great.  'Does it still work?'


'What about the PSP?'

'Fluffy kicked that off the desk too.  Oh, don't worry, it didn't go into the bucket.  But fluffy jumped off the desk and pushed the chair onto the PSP.'

(Soliloquy now)  The screen's gone all funny, mum...  I din't push him off the desk, honestly I didn't, mum...  I stayed in bed all day today...  (oh, no he din't, says hubby.)  I don't have any homework...  my shoes are still working, don't worry mum...  don't worry mum...  (And on and on it goes, every day...)

That last bit, said at the beginning of a sentence is a dead give-away.

So, now that I have established that I can buy a screen from e-bay (thanks, guys!), the father of the owner has ratted parts off the damaged one for his own!!!  GRRR... 

I have a lead who knows someone who knows someone, who might want to sell their PSP...  Destructo  Junior has to pay for this PSP and seeing that he has never got any homework, he now needs to find after-school work.

Anyone know anyone in demolition?  And don't tell me he needs a driver's license.  No way.  The world is not ready for Destructo 'That Boy'.

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Comment by hellonearthisman, on 17-May-2008 20:16

Would not the warrently cover it? Check to see if it still covered. The PSP isn't really designed to be servised unless by traned pro's. If the screen is damaged then there could be more damage that you cant yeat detect (cracks in the circuts...) goodluck

Author's note by mobygeek, on 20-May-2008 15:52

It's already been liquid ingressed by the look of it, and yes, I was worried about internal damage.  Looks like we are expected to replace it full stop as the dad has spare parted it already...  Drat those geek-dads!  (sometimes...)

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