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Dr Who in Narnia vs windowsmobiletraining

, posted: 20-May-2008 15:53

What? Where am I coming from I hear you ask. Well, I've just been doing a wee bit o' training for work, and I think it gave me bad dreams last night. (Now here's a bit of creative writing for you...)

See, there were these two sisters, well, half sisters, I think. And one was bad and one was good. Their father was the president of the USA, but bears no correspondence to any real presidents or wanna-be's.

The bad sister turned nasty and turned the good sister's boyfriend (Handsome Prince?) into a tree. Here's where it gets spooky. We were all imprisoned, me included, in this little hut which sorta grew out of the tree/prince, and Dr who had to come and rescue us.

Not the latest Dr Who, mind you, but the fourth incarnation, I think it was. From the seventies. Brown curly hair and long knitted scarf. Got him pictured now?

Well, of course, the good sister was expecting a baby. Said baby arrived, but had to suffer a bit. Turns out it was all for the best, as if bubs had been able to cry we would have all been dead. For sure.

I vaguely recollect there was a real dr, GP-style, in there somewhere, and I wanted to move out but his convertable was too small for all my boxes of junk.

Somewhere along the line the prince was freed, must have been by Dr Who, I guess, they had another baby (Ha, not DR who and the prince, you nong!) and then they turned on the radio to be greeted by the six am news. Which was when I woke up!

So, trees, bad sister fairies, more trees, babies, sprites etc, you name them, they were there! But no computers...

Now I am being told by Junior's best mate that I 'got Simmed' and I 'died' last night. Good thing that doesn't happen every day. Or night, even...

So, was it too much information courtesy of Microsoft, the pain killer I took for being at my workstation all day training or was it the fact that I wanted to hit someone who kept on interrupting me yesterday, that caused all this nonsense?

Now, if you have ADD you will know that a person leaning over your (sore) shoulder asking silly questions is not the best for a bit of light information overdosing. How am I supposed to concentrate with all that going on. The breathing, the weight on my shoulder, the questions.

Oh, the questions. The questions, I repeat pitifully as I realise I still have to (want to?) acquire the certificates which only last till the end of the year. And beat 'everyone else' to it!

Pardon me, I think I feel a nap coming on. Hope there are no daleks waiting for me...

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