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Being Thankful

, posted: 22-May-2008 07:40

Well, I am thankful for answered prayers.  Sometimes it's for big things, like owning our house.  Getting jobs.  healthy children, wonderful husband... 

Today I am thankful for my little prayer last night being answered.  As I hit the sack, I started coughing.  That nasal drip type thing that scratches my throat and sends me to the doctors for prednisone, steroids etc, because I get it All Night and Can't Sleep.

Well, as I lay there last night, I prayed, Please Lord Jesus, don't let me cough all night.  I would love to wake up and it was time to get up, instead of being 11 O'clock, 3 AM, &c...

Actually, in the few minutes before I realised I hadn't coughed, or even had a tickle, I mulled over the way I think about my sleep patterns.  Like, if I wake at 10 when I crashed at 8.30, or at 11.30 when I went to bed a bit later, I tell myself at least I have the rest of the night ahead of me. 

And sometimes when I wake up and it's morning, in a non-drug-assisted sleep, that is, I feel the night has been too short! 

Well, today I am not complaining, as I stopped coughing, went to sleep and woke up at 11 past 5.  Usually I am up at ten to six...  So, not drug induced, and according to hubby I did toss and turn a bit and I vaguely remember him snoring...  But I slept through the night! 

So, faithful in the small things, faithful in the big!  That refers to my being faithful, by the way - If I can be bothered (if that's the right way to put it,) being faithful with little things you know the big things will be okay...

Thanks, Lord Jesus, for answering my prayer last night.


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Comment by chiefie, on 22-May-2008 09:37

Well said! I posted something similar like this in my blog about 20 months ago. [titled=Appreciation]

We often forget to be humble and thank and be good Samaritan, and be blinded by hatred and jealousy.

Author's note by mobygeek, on 22-May-2008 10:01

There's certainly enough hatred and jealousy going around the world at the moment.  If I wasn't a christian I would be terrified, like I used to be scared of everything when I was little...  What's happening in South Africa is really terrible.  Then there is Myanmar and China and what the people are going through, without the political hassles they also go through...

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