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I need chocolate...

, posted: 23-May-2008 12:56

I don't really, but when you only get 54% from the mystery shopper, it's one way to console yourself. 

See, I was born a perfectionist.  That's why I don't attempt a lot of stuff.  Too afraid of failing.  Many false starts, ideas in the head, that sort of thing.

Plus, in my other life as an Aussie, I had this idea that mystery shopping was a way of showing the Spirit of Excellence.  At the yearly Network Communications Gathering, the head-man would stand up and give away prizes to those who had excelled...  I/We never got the prizes.  I/We being hubby and I, as we had two shops, just to be really sure we were over-worked etc.

Oh, we got lots of other stuff at the gathering,  There were always goodie bags, even stuff for the children, as it was a family affair. 

Plus we made really good friends.  The guy that hubby really got on well with was from Mount Isa, originally.  He would travel all that way to the Sunshine Coast, and go swimming.  Rain hail or shine.  Well, that's what you do when you go to the coast, innit?  He and his family are now in Israel.  Miss Kitty-Kat was very close friends with their daughter...  We miss them...

If I was really lucky, our account exec would be there, too.  I was really close to her...  She would sit with us for the first session, until it was made known that she was supposed to sit with all the Optus big-wigs...  We keep in touch still!

The other daughter had lots of friends.  Everybody loved her.  Even when she was a naughty teenager.

Junior would spend his time swimming in the resort pool.  Geek-boy would find a fellow geek and they would be playing games etc on the demo laptops...  Sometimes we would have to drag the fellow geek back into the meetings where he/she belonged!

Sigh...  I guess it's just the queen's Birthday long weekend coming up that has thrown me in to this melancholy.

Or, maybe it's only getting 54% from the mystery shopper.  I mean, I got 'Zero' for closing the sale.  How the heck can I close the sale when they are obviously not going to buy?  He/She said they needed time to think about it.  Hey, I am not goin to pressure someone into something they do not want to do. 

What else?  I guess I can be glad that I got 9 out of 10 for the shopping experience I gave the shopper! 

'The lady was nice and easy to talk to.  I would be comfortable talking to her again,'  said the summary. 

Does that mean I can expect her/him to come back next month to do it all again? 

Too bad I don't always remember who I have served previously.  Sometimes I do, and it's always nice to see the look on the customer's face when I can call them by name!  (Sometimes I even surprise myself...)

But I do like chocolate.Wink

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Comment by peejayw, on 23-May-2008 19:16

Mystery shoppers have one fatal flaw, they have NO INTENTION OF BUYING! Any good salesperon will pick up on "buy" signals that the client is giving out and should then attempt to close the sale, that is normal. But a MS will never give you that signal, all your radar will pick up is "tire kicker!!".
Mystery shopper organisations are only of benefit to...............

wait for it................

Mystery Shopper organisations!

Author's note by mobygeek, on 24-May-2008 19:47

It aughta be illegal!  Says my daughter...  oh, and that I should get counselling (for being a perfectionist)...

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