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, posted: 31-May-2008 17:47

Or, subtitles you may like...  'You will never know how long this blog is until you click on the link...', and 'I think I'm running out of things to say.'

Impossible, you say?  Well, this week it was not only possible but down-right frustrating and embarrassing. 

I said to one of the ladies at dealer support that I couldn't talk for most of the week, to which she replied 'I had that problem too.  Sorest throat ever.'

Sad to say,  it wasn't that type of problem.  It started roughly on Tuesday when hubby came home for a cooked lunch.  (Something I recommend no woman get sucked into...)  I was trying to explain something to him and it just came out sort of like bler-bler de-bler-bler. 

Now I have adhd and get distracted quite easily, and I do have trouble talking sometimes, which frustrates me no end.  But I have no idea where this week's 'lethologica' came from.  (That's the only word I remember from two volumes of 'Big Words For Superior People'.)

Come Thursday, and Mr Boss was out.  I was just about to sit down and enjoy a chat with our english lass when there was a cry of 'help me' from the middle desk.  No problem, just a port and winback.  As easy as port and cheese if you ask me...

Do you think I could explain that the pop-ups were blocked, and describe the colour of the bar that said 'click here' to someone who is not very good at computers?  I had to lean over several times to point and click on the stuff I just couldn't explain...  And in front of customers.  Obviously.

By Friday arvo it was worse than ever...  I stumbled through an ESN change, and I am sure the man on the other side of the desk thought I was mad.  Half an hour later I was getting the hot and cold shivers, so I excused myself for the rest of the arvo, and managed to drive home in one piece.

This morning I managed to get the washing done, and make hubby re-connect the internet to my computer.  This he did, at which time I was suddenly cold in front of a blazing fire, so here I am finally, with a raging headache...

So, is it catching? 

Enquiring minds want to know.

(There, that wasn't too long, was it?)

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