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Obstructive sleep apnoea

, posted: 3-Jun-2008 15:03

Very quickly, the doc I saw today, after a year's wait, reckons he will be very surprised if I do not have obstructive sleep apnoea...

I will be doing home testing; go to the clinic, get the tutorial on becoming wired, take the stuff home and 'sleep on it'! 

Wonder if I am supposed to sleep normally?  My thought is that I could get myself all wrapped up in wires if I roll over in cirlces, like I usually do.  That might stop me breathing, mightn't it!!!

Anyway, things are moving on.  Slowly.

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 3-Jun-2008 15:39

These mini sleep studies are fine if you do not wake easily. I have severe obstructive sleep apnoea, and require corrective surgery on my nose (yay a nose job to straighten it too!), my soft palate requires work (its way too big), and I have to have my tonsils out (again, way too big - the ENT recoiled when he saw them LOL).

Comment by idlearts, on 3-Jun-2008 20:20

lol, could be worse you could have central sleep apnea where the brain goes on a total vacation forgetting to signal to breath. Then at some point the CO2 alarm goes off numerous times (WTF WFT WFT) which causing a system crash forcing a restart, only to have to wait for the bios to load, check for keyboard (appendages) a monitor (brain) and a hard drive (er well it is if your a guy upon awakening ) and *or floppy drive (if your a girl), (*or just in case of hermaphrodite or transsexual) and in case of multiple personalities load the grub, then wait another 20 seconds before loading  the default OS and hopefully you awaken to take a gasp of air!

Comment by Lipex666, on 3-Jun-2008 21:07

You want regret it its the best thing I ever did. After 43 + years I now sleep all night.

My wife says its like a new me.

PS get a decent CPAP recomend RESMED with Humidaire

Yes top dollors but consider its for life and your health and well being dont scrimp on a F and P etc.

Author's note by mobygeek, on 4-Jun-2008 12:19

Tony - I have had my tonsils out, and my adenoids, whatever they are!  I will have to pray that I don't wake up that night...  (Unless there's a fire or earthquake.  Not much chance of flood where we are!)

Idlearts - I am definitely a girl, perhaps that should be Floppy Discs plural?  (Depends on age, I guess...)

Lipex - I'll jave to look into my choices as I go further into this...

And, last night, for everyone reading this, I actually woke up about twenty times, and I could swear I wasn't breathing...

Comment by idlearts, on 4-Jun-2008 12:42

yes , its supposed to be floppy drives.

Not exactly nice waking up 20 times in the night but at least your waking up.

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