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Our New Sponsored Child

, posted: 6-Jun-2008 14:12

Well, we got good answers from TEAR Fund when I contacted them.  And after a week's forgetting to discuss things with hubby, they rang again.  I am glad to say hubby was quite generous in allowing me to sponsor another child.  (He knows me well...)

I rang them back, and the very next day we had a new child!  (NZ Post beats the stork any old day.)

I asked if we could sponsor a child in the same project as the one who had left, and failing that, then in the other child's project.  (The first in Rwanda, the other in Uganda.)  Preferably one with above average intelligence, and if not, then definitely the most needy child.  That means a child who has been waiting for longest (since being registered in the program) to be sponsored.

Well, there were no children needing to be sponsored in either project, so I decided on Rwanda, and my conscience said it would have to be the most urgent, regardless of intelligence.

Our new child is male, and has a five syllable name like the one we 'lost.'  I now have to learn to say his name as though I have always known how it is pronounced!

I loved the last child so much I was in tears this morning, and am still misty-eyed as I write. 

Will I love this young man as much?  He is eight, the same age as the previous child when we first 'met.'  I have to figure out all over again what to write, what an eight year old boy is like...  I know he likes football (soccer) and has a mother and father, unlike the last child.  He has two siblings, is in kindergarten and goes to sunday school.  He has his chores, bringing in firewood and fetching water. 

That will probably be enough to start with.  I will send photos, talk about the family farm, maybe have to explain to another child what sheep are!

He is 'average' at school, which is better than 'below average', so hopefully he will pass the exams to be promoted each year!

Oh, by the way, I am not being a snob regarding intelligence, it's just that I am able to sponsor until the child has been through uni if needs be, and I would like to give another child that chance, and  seeing that I am willing It makes sense to match the willing to the able, so to speak.

I still need to put pen to paper to write a final letter to the last child, and hopefully the staff will be able to find him to deliver it. 

I wonder what became of our first-ever sponsored child in India?  Maybe I could look up his village and do a quick search on the internet...

Oops - one last thing - I wonder if they will give the new lad the prevoiuos one's birthday money if it wasn't 'delivered' first time around?  He turned eight in April.

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