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Me, Junior and a few Thoughts...

, posted: 11-Jun-2008 10:21

Like, did you know that you can make a teenage boy make his own sandwiches but can't get him to eat them until he is absolutely starving and accidently looks in his school bag at 4 pm?

I can go to school, be told he's not in home room, be rung at 9.30ish and be told he's not in class, and he still insists he was there?  (Could it be possible?  'D, show me your work.'  'Oh, I was asleep most of the day...')

Reading in the loo is NOT constipation?!?!?!

'Why are you angry with me?'  'Because I told you to do something and you didn't do it.  If I want you to do it in half an hour's time, I will tell you then...'

Did you know that Blondie can accidently get himself shut in Junior's room, even though he is terrified of Junior?  'Oops, it looks like the dumb cat got himself into my room and shut the door to hide from me...'

Horrible old cat.  Junior innocently picked him up, and the cat turned around and scratched him under the eye.  'That is a bad cat.  Evil cat.  The cat must die.'  (Methinks a call to the SPCA would be good and possible learn him a lesson but I'd probably have to pay the fines...)  And like in the comics, 'You do it and I'll give you such a ...'

And of course, Fluffy can tuck himself up in his master's bed all by himself.

And that's all just since Monday Morning. 

Now I know it's my fault, because he didn't get his medication last week.  But who is going to give me medication so that I can remember his medication?

I am seriously thinking Efalex, or something similar.  Efalex is evening primrose oil and tuna (methinks) oil.  Fish oil of some type.  It would have to be in capsules.  We used to buy it for Geekboy when he was in primary school.  Four capsules, twice a day.  Big sis once convinced him to bite one!  Oh the fun we had when they were little... 

Anyway, it worked for Geekboy, but not for Junior.  It was interesting watching him swallow four 'horse tablet' sized capsules without water.  It was even more interesting watching him run for the tap when they got stuck!  But that only happened a few times.  Geekboy was always good at stuffing his mouth full of food.

Sometimes I wonder if he should still be taking the stuff?  I wonder how many of his 'issues' are related to ADHD...

Hubby ended up consuming the last bottle of Efalex oil that sat in the fridge for quite some time.  I never asked him if it helped?  I personally could not even think about taking it straight, flavouring or no...

Gerk.  Gack.  Gross...

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