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So, How's Junior?

, posted: 26-Jun-2008 11:58

Indeed, sometimes I'd like to know myself. 

I had the mistaken idea that Big Sis had used the words 'Aw, how cute' in relation to Junior's latest school escapades.  She is training to be a teacher, so I would have been very upset if she thought he was 'cute' when AWOL. 

The cute comment was in relation to grannies thinking LOL means 'Lots of Love'.  Which it does!  Of course it does...

Junior.  Hmm...

Take today for instance.  '"D" get ready early, no squatting on the dunny for hours on end - I have to start work early...  Try to be ready by 8, please.' 

'Yes mum.'

We couldn't find our keys this morning, could we.  We need our keys as mum is working until five.  We need our keys every day, and every day it takes time to find them. 

We run screaming out the front door at 8.15, only to turn around to check that the cats cannot invade and set off the alarm.  Therre is a big white evil cat in the bedroom window. 

One thing Junior is good at is scaring the daylights out of said cat.  He has his keys now, so it's 'Quick, go in while I start the car and get him out.' 

'Yes mum'. 

(Have you noticed how regular he is with that phrase?)

And of course you know I have to hand-deliver Junior to school.  I can deliver him, but it's near impossible to get him to stay there.

So, this morning, I managed to get him into a T-shirt under his school shirt.  He has his long (now shorter than they were...) pants on.  He must be getting cold!

'D.  Don't go out and about.  Stay where it's warm.  And No Going Off To The Library.' 

'But mum, the Library is warm and dry...'

(Yes, well, how about you stay in the school library and STAY IN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS.  Not the council-run  off-site library.)

Ah well, it cost me $3 to bribe him off the loo this morning.  (I was feeling generous.)  But he was prompt in earning his money.

So at least I didn't want to wring his neck this morning.

Oh yeah, and I will be able to tell how junior actually is when I can actually discover him underneath all his hair.  What is it with boys?  (He does look cute with all those wet ringlets, though...)

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