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, posted: 5-Jul-2008 08:30

A weekend off. Haven't had one for ages, and now I have three in a row. Mainly because I have a week off too!

Weekends are funny things for a working mum. As a stay at home in the old days, I used to wonder what all the fuss was about, when the weather automatically fined up after the weekend. Please forgive me, all you week-day-working-home-carers!

Actually, I am not worried, about the wet weather, I am happy to use my clothes-drier (shock, horror, it's all my fault), especially when I have to work Saturday mornings.

Take the other Saturday, I went to work, having done about three loads over night. Junior (of course, and maybe we could re-name him 'little Johnny') was told to hang the washing on the line. I get home, hubby is home, Junior is mowing the lawns. But where is the washing? The line is empty.

I begin to shout... Well, it was noisy with the lawn mower going, wasn't it! Hubby goes 'Get DeeCee to do it, I wouldn't let him mow the lawns for Junior, so he'll be happy to do it for you.'

DeeCee is Junior's mate. He's a bonus on weekends. They take it in turns at each other's place. One night of hell in the garage for the puddycats who don't manage to escape, one night of hell for DeeCee's family, as their garage is attached! Cooking and the obligatory clean ups all arvo, games all night.

I hate the Sims. One hour of stupidity whilst trying to hide in a warm corner of the lounge doing a giant crossword, and I have a stinking headache. Little Johnny and the Sims. Good name for a band.

DeeCee is on my computer playing Runescape, ostensibly for the social contact. Yup, lucky guy, he has friends all over the world! I am constantly disabusing him of the rubbish they tell him. Good thing he has me to sort him out!

Back to DeeCee, and the washing is on the line in an instant. He even took it off when it was dry. Ish. Trouble is, I had to go through Junior's drawers (I have recovered now, thankyou very much...) to find my favourite pair of black woollen socks. Then I told hubby to feel free to go find all his missing woollen socks.

(I have smaller feet than all the rest of them, so my well-fitting woollen socks are important to me. Especially in winter.)

So, It's Saturday right now, even as I write, the fire is going, so all the woolly socks will dry nicely in the loungeroom, the first load of washing is on it's way, I would have done it last night but after a spell of dancing with MP3 (exercise) my back was a bit too sore to start it. Plus I have today off, which is why I am here telling you all about it.

Hey, hubby isn't interested, is he.

Plus the boys are in the diningroom eating buckets of porridge before hitting the bacon and eggs, discussing the British Empire, or what's left of it. DeeCee is of Irish descent. Hubby is off to work (with a thunderstorm starting,) for a bit of peace and quiet!

I must tell you about my latest expedition to School... And what will be transpiring for Junior next term. But I might wait until he goes to camp on my week off.


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