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Emergent Blues

, posted: 7-Jul-2008 16:08

You may have heard of the emergent church.  Well, we have the emergent teenager. 

Every night, it seems, I am woken by the sound of Junior emerging from his bedroom for a midnight snack.  Probably wouldn't mind, but every light goes on as he stomps down the hallway, past our room and on into the kitchen. 

Nothing wrong with a growing boy wanting a snack, now, is there.  But, then there is a TV to entice him.  And no, he does not know how loud he can get before I charge out like a wounded bull.  (Not very, eh...)

I think the worst part of the snacking is the pile of dirty dishes in the sink when I get up. 

No, wait, it's the beetroot.  The juice gets all over the floor, don't ask me how, and by the morning, it is a beautiful, clotted/sticky blood-red sort of colour.  The cats do not like their breakfasts disturbed by humans frantically checking for wounded paws.  However, I have discovered that it is a nice purple colour when wiped up with white kitchen paper.  All good then. 

Except for Mr Neurosis himself, AKA Blondie.  His breakfast is just ruined I tell you. 

It's enough to make a little puddy want to pass an anti-snacking bill.

PS, in case you are worried about me, I do love Junior.  Otherwise I would ignore him and you wouldn't get to read all about it!

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Comment by allan, on 9-Jul-2008 17:07

This too will pass.....

Author's note by mobygeek, on 10-Jul-2008 09:51

As long as you don't mean my motherly love for my son...

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