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, posted: 16-Jul-2008 13:23

Lets start with Geekzone, of course! Now my boss, whom Hubby has christened 'The Iron Pilot', reckons Geekzone is for Losers, Loners and other Hopeless Causes. I take it he means me...

So, of course, when he came out and announced that Vodafone was going to charge it's prepaid customers $1 to speak to a human being, I just shut my mouth. No point in saying that I, the Loser already knew two days before him.

Then there's all the other stuff I can help his customers with, that I have learned here. Needless to say.

I have yet to get his humble opinion on Facebook. I shudder to think. But I like facebook. It's one way of checking up on my naughty children. I shudder there, too, sometimes.

But on the up-side, I am catching up on all the childrens' friends from days of old.

Several have already reproduced. Oldests' best mate had her baby at fifteen. Then there was the wee seventeen year old who turned up at my mobile phone shop with a seven day old baby. 'Remember me?' She said.

How can I forget these kids. We had them every Wednesday after school, and most weekends, long sleepless Saturday nights with several giggly girls in the attic as far away as we could get them, and still they kept us awake.

The 'soup carrier' (Troup Carrier,) as Junior used to call it, full of children, ours and the rest, off to church every Sunday morning after I had made them all pancakes. And lots of fruit!!! Nothing unhealthy about my wholemeal pancakes, that's for sure. (Take that, sister-in-law...)  A thirty cent soft serve each on the way home. I used to finish Junior's, as he always crashed out on the way home.

The two girls above had hard lives. One's mum was in jail, the other's an alcoholic. The one's dad got hooked up to the other's mum. They laugh about it now, but it wasn't funny when he cancelled the ambulance that the girls had called, and the mother died two days later of alcohol poisoning. No one laughed when the dad punched his daughter, and she was taken away.

So, I have an eight year old and a five year old adopted 'grandie'. Our oldest daughter's other girlfriend also had a baby. He/she would be about five now, too. But we lost her and child down in Sydney somewhere.  Her mother couldn't understand us wanting to have her 'kid' overnight, when she couldn't stand kids at all.

Now Miss Kitty Kat's best best friend is about to have a baby. My adopted Aussie-born kiwi has a baby. Oldest's other country mate has a baby due next month.

The homeless young lady we took in for a while now lives in Darwin. Her baby is 18 months old, and she herself has overcome her mental problems to become a counsellor at a rehab. She is aboriginal, and you would never have guessed it years ago, but with her northern tan you can see her beauty. Plus bubs is absolutely adorable...

One of the surprises has been my most recent facebook 'friendship'. Our Oldest's mate. Again. She has four year old twins and a terrorist toddler. (Her words, mind you...) But this next bit is copied straight from facebook.

I never told you this in person but i seen you as my family, cos we all knowi was going through a ruff stage when i met xxx but you guys shown me how to live life and have fun and follow god, i thank you sooo much for that!!!

That's the best bit a mum could ever ask for.  And all these babies just could have been the making of them all.  Now I just have to wait for my own flesh and blood grandchildren.  At least I will never 'lose' them.

So, good on Facebook!  TTFN

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