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Dee One and Dee Two

, posted: 13-Aug-2008 18:07

With apologies to B1 and B2 of Bananas in Pyjamas fame (ABC). Dee one is Junior, Dee two is his mate.

Great weekend here, how was yours? D2 as we will shorten him to, arrived for family night. Lucky me, I get to cook for the family who have mostly (mostly, I tell you) moved out. One night a week, usually to suit Geek-man/boy who works night shift.

Anyway, feed 'em all and send 'em home. This time I got 'them' to take D2 with them as he lives that way. Finish cleaning up what D2 didn't wash - he's helpful in the kitchen if nothing else! Read a bit and got ready for bed.

All of a sudden there's noise outside. Someone is coughing very close to our front verandah. 'Can't be', says hubby, 'the security lights haven't gone on.' More coughing. I go out to the lounge room to peek through the curtains. Oops, turn the loungeroom light off, that might help. Peer out the windows. Nothing there...

More coughing. I have another look, and press the lock in (again) just to make sure the door really is locked.

Honestly, how loud to you think I can speak when in a blind panic? Because I definitely heard someone out there at the front door.

'K.. - there's definitely someone out there. I heard the front window rattling.'

I go back to the bedroom to get my dressing gown on as hubby gets his on. Race to the front door to throw it open and confront the criminal giving his wife a heart attack.

And there is D2, sitting on a metal chair at the front door, wrapped in a doonah, two sleeping bags full of junk (one bursting at the seams) at his feet. Coughing away whilst pretending to be asleep.

'Get him in here', I tell hubby. 'I am not being kept awake by that cough all night.' So we drag him in, get a few more sleeping bags for him to lie on in the loungeroom (he's too tall for the two-seater) and order him to go to sleep - we will deal with him in the morning.

So, apparently, his dad was going ballistic. He had a TV amongst other bits'n'pieces in the wrecked sleeping bag. He was going to his 'girlfriend's' house to live. Only it was sunday, he couldn't remember her last name or where she lives!!!

Oh, puh-lease. He won't be seeing her until Monday. And he is not coming to our place to stay without first asking us!

Reminds me of another 'Dee'. Same first name, actually. Different son-o-mine, different year. Dee, my first emo. Make a good book, wouldn't it! He turned up with his mother's car and pink suitcase. (Poor little emo, forgot to ask us if he could live here before he arrived. So did the geekboy, as he was back then.) Step-son sorted him out. We told him he could stay for a week, but step-son kicked him out half way through the seven days because he was re-arranging the (read our) garage. (Hah!!!) He's actually lucky he got away so lightly - it was a bad time all round, particularly for the step-son.

Memo to all youngsters reading - if you want your mates to come live at your house, make sure you ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST.

Anyway, D1 and D2 were sent off tramping - Te Aroha mountain, to be precise. D1 enjoys his tramps, and goes with a friend of ours who takes troubled teens. Just Like D1. We went off to church, hoping that the coming confrontation with D2's dad wouldn't be too bad. Actually, last Sunday was the second Sunday in a row that I had to get my nerves under control to avoid the stress nausea I get sometimes. Don't ask me why the previous Sunday had been bad, I don't really know. Everything just coming to a head, I suppose.

As we were going out the front door, the dad, brother and sister (both younger), were walking in.

'Have you seen D?'

'We sent him tramping with D.'

And of course there are two sides to every story. Sometimes there are three - yours, mine and the real one, but this time it seems, with confirmation from the sister, that the father's side was correct.

Hubby said he would come over shortly, they went home, we had coffee and went over. I decided to be brave and supportive, and went with hubby. I was not going to say anything, that was going to be left to the men-folk.

Hubby walked in and suggested we go have coffee. Good! Not our favourite cafe, we want to be welcome anytime we want! Neutral territory, then. Had a good talk etc. Hubby handled the situation so well. I am proud of him...

And, sometimes it seems a shame not to give the teens what they want. We suggested that the other two children deserved a safe home,Dad needed to get his sanity back, and that they should let D(2) live elsewhere for a while. Hopefully he will get a taste of real life, and settle down. Lets hope the 'girlfriend's' mother keeps a set of rules, and makes him stick to them. And charges him a fortune for board!

So when I turned up on Monday arvo, they were already fighting over his bedroom (it's sunny) and carving up what he had left behind! I think they will survive. Sis is a big (little) softy, and was very upset when he left without saying goodbye, but I suggested that in a few years time he would realise (hopefully) what he had done to everyone and they would be best friends again. Or for the first time. Plus there will be no more smashed TV's and other items in little brother's room because he hadn't towed the 'D Party Line'.

Oh, by the way, D1 is at his grandparents place doing work experience on the farm whilst he waits to get enrolled legally on his course.

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