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, posted: 12-Dec-2008 08:27

I am still here, still at the same job, still getting into trouble, and out of it... Having not been able to log on to Geekzone for ages at work, and coming home to crash out from sheer exhaustion (Our English Lass had a boy and is finally back at work...), I was glad to see you hadn't forgotten me! Even if it was an automated message to everyone, I am glad I am 'still here' so to speak.

Can't say too much about what is happening at our home, Junior is still in his course but has lost his wallet, his mobile phone and his house keys. Hubby has barred him from TV until the keys are found. It is nearly driving me beserk...

I am still struggling with the CPAP machine, I now have a chin strap which not only keeps my mouth shut - now, no more jokes about that, it's been overdone at work - but stops the air from leaking around the chin. I am finally not rolling over all night, I have not stopped breathing for quite a while... Although sometimes I feel I could hold my breath until I get my own way...

Speaking of breath, we had a call from our child's place of work (not mentioning names) at 5.45 last sunday morning. Said Child (SC) was 'having a massive asthma attack' and the ambulence had been called. We arrived before the ambo - it's surprising how long it takes to get dressed and out of the house in an emergency, wouldn't attempt it in a fire. SC was on his/her side, with two kids in sick bay of SC's place of employment, a supermarket if you must know. A wooden spatula was stuffed sideways in SC's mouth and extra oxygen was being stuffed into SC's mouth by way of another teenager fanning him/her. Said child was actually hyperventillating in a panic attack. Ambos were not amused...  SC was very sore in the mouth, the abdomen (overworked diaphragm) and then got a tummy bug on top of it all. Needless to say the medical bill was quite high by the time we paid his/her overdues as well... It seems to be a christmas phenomenon, so we will know better next december. He/she should only work four hours then have a break, whereas the sunday morning shift was 11.5 hours... It's not funny to see a beloved child going through this. No more dope, SC!!!  Do you hear me?  Oh, and the tobacco has been swapped for gum, too..

I will not be a regular visitor but I hope to get here more often than I have, it's just that I apparently downloaded a virus (While I was on my off day...) and am not allowed on anything whilst at work that is not on the favourites list... Now, that's fine, the going has been too good, it's just that I tend to nod off if it's not busy, and I can only dust the stock once a day... It's just a shame that I am the only one to whom these rules apply... It was 'my' computer, the boss hurt his back fixing 'my' computer, and when others go on 'my' computer nowadays I am very retentive about what they do on it. EG, someone has been on facebook on 'my' computer, so I just make sure I wipe my name off the log in page when I've finished... Hey, I am not allowed to enter anything on the address box up top, so if it's already there and I didn't do it...

Can I take 'my' computer with me if and when I leave?

But on a more positive note, I just walked out the front door to pick my first lettuce, and my gladioli's are beautiful! Dame Edna would be proud to have them... they just sorta came up in the dry old rock garden between the house and the patio... Bugs on the letuces there may be, but they be fresh bugs. (Go aargghh like a pirate send up here...) The weather is quite pleasant just now, even thought hubby says it's going to rain later, and I don't start work until ten am each day, except for my tuesdays off... More positives? I have discovered the easiest christmas cake recipe, quite a cheapie and absolutely delicious! I think it's the brandy... (Maybe I should have bought the 1.125 litre bottle...) I am onto our second cake already, although I cut the first one up to make cute little cakes with 'plastic icing' on them... (Who shall I give them to? I only have one name so far...)  PM me if you want the recipe!!!

Oh yeah, and I'm studying christian counselling part time next year. Finally taken the first step to further education. As if there isn't anything I haven't already learnt. From GZ etc!

Merry Christmas if I don't say hi again before then. I'm still a believer, but it's just got outta hand...  Christmas commercialism ie.

Regards, Linda.

PS, foobar's latest blog is good. I didn't know such things could occur!!! Can you imagine how junior's old school would have handled it???

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Comment by psychrn, on 14-Dec-2008 21:35

Good to see your psitive attitude through all those trials

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