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Shall I be superwoman today dear? Yes dear...

, posted: 5-Jan-2009 06:53

Or so hubby would say if he were awake...  You see, I have struggled out of bed before seven, fed two cats, absolutely MUST blog, darlings, and want to walk to work by 8.30.  (But someone can drive you to work dear...  No, dear, I need to walk.)

So, why the big deal?  Well, it is me, after all. 

Nah, but I have now got five cats instead of three and instead of junior, aka destructo boy (did I tell you he broke a window here yesterday?) and two adults, we now have five adult children on the premises.  Well, I did two nights ago.  O wait, now I remember.  But let me backtrack a bit.

New Years Day.  Did everyone have a great day?  I went to bed early, and my CPAP machine was on for eight hours.  Must have been a world record.  Went to bed, got up again on what the government calls the 'New Year Holiday' now, instead of the 'day after new years day holiday'.

First born came over from aussie about the 20th december, her boyfriend arrived 29th.  So, they are the two who went to Rotorua on Sat Night.

2nd Jan, abaout ten-ish, I guess, arrives second born and her partner.  They had stayed elsewhere the night before, and arrived home to a 'break in'.  Front door not openable but with definite boot marks on it, two front windows smashed in, or out, as the case may be, glass everywhere, no sign of the brothers...

(Coffe is made, princess has eaten her breakfast and scoffed Fluffy's - Jimbos isn't good enough for him apparently - and the bacon is sizzling.  Just got to heat up yesterday's oven baked giant pancake leftovers that I made for an army that never arrived....)

Hubby went with kids, ascertained that his son (not mine...) was there asleep, or was that wandering around with a 12 guage?  I can never remember.  My - oops, our -  oldest son was out with big brother's mate, being 'looked after', driven around town, calmed down, whatever.  Anything but being with his mummy who needed to know everything was okay.

2nd daughter got a text from someone - the police have finally been called.  (Yes, those who know our story have probably guessed.  Home invasion, house turned inside out, stuff taken from MY kids but not oldest who is the cause of it all...  MY son the only one at home when it occured...  Where was oldest, I wonder and how was he able to text his sister not to come home?  She lived there too...Not sure if the thugs found what they were after which was possibly my stepson?)

Finally got son, after the runabout I got hubby to take me there.  'Did the police arrive?'  I ask daughter's partner.  Shall we call him the 'outlaw'?  Cos he's not an inlaw yet?  'I cannae tella Lie.  No.'  Typical of the lies I do get told by someone who wasn't there and is not stepping foot onto my property ever again.  I do not want his 'friends' anywhere near the place.  If son hadn't been home I would definitely have called the police.

So, 2nd daughter and boyfriend had already moved a lot of stuff to our place.  This is her second home violation.  Her first house was broken into about 6 months ago, that's why she lived with her brothers (and boyfriend).  For 'security'.

Moved number one son's stuff here.  He has cancelled his phone, cancelled sky, rung work and quit.  He's going to aussie with big sis on Wednesday as he had arranged for his holiday, and he will only come back if he hasn't got a job at the end of the four weeks.  There's God for you, I was worried about him having a four week hol in aussie, but it will give him time.  Big sis will put in a word where she used to work, and they have a friend looking for a flatmate.  And Nanny is only 30 mins away, then there's the rest of the family scattered close by...

So, destructo boy and his mate wanted to do the sleep over bit.  You could here them talking before you could see them...  Seven kids was too much, so he went to his mate's place.  We had kids in the study, destructo boy's room and the old caravan...  And D boy has gone back to the farm to help with the shearing again.  He has to pay for the window he broke...

Now we have the munchkins in the garage, three cats coming and going all night through the catflap in My bedroom, three cats.  yup.  Good fun.  Blondie is heavy and likes to sleep on My legs.  Fluffy likes to chase princess around the lounge in the wee small hours of the night, Princess likes to snuggle up in bed with me.  So I have to keep her out.  I wonder if we could take the magnet out of the cat flap?  It might not make so much noise.  Or oil it maybe?

Three kids leave on Wed arvo so I have to get time off work.  Wish me luck.

Two kids will have to be 'helped' into a place of their own, but it looks like we've located something suitable.  And it's not in the 'D side'!

The CPAP machine was on for 6 hours - that's a-whole-nuther-story...  I must rescue my bacon before hubby eats it, drink my coffee, hide the red marks the mask makes on my face, and eat brekky.  Then walk to work.  I really need the exercise after my week and a half off.

Keep smiling, Don't dwell on the bad stuff,look at all the good things, keep praying.  It's the only way to get through.

Darn - I forgot my shower.

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