It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

Well, there you are!

, posted: 6-Jan-2009 20:57

Ah, the things drugs can do to one's mind...  Someone wouldn't call the police over the incident the other night.  I think it's called paranoia.

Someone's neighbour (adjoining house...) had the visitors too.  Only she called the police.  The tracker dogs did their job and three people were arrested...

And all someone cared about today when their father was moving them out of their house, was to go around to the station and see if anybody's stuff had been returned.  (Could be worse, it would be in the forties where we used to live in aussie!)

Impressed I am not.  Especially when someone put his neighbour (woman and children) in the same position...

What do you think?  I reckon if they recovered anything it should go to the neighbours as a thankyou for doing the right thing and a sorry for endangering their lives.  Any takers?

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