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What they don't tell you in the ads...

, posted: 27-Jan-2009 09:24

I could probably get into big trouble here.  I am talking about the ads on NZ TV regarding mental illness.  I think the ads are great, but they don't really touch on the full story.

Maybe they do.  If you are a work colleague of someone suffering from mental health issues.  Someone who does not live in the same house or live within arms length or are actual friends.

Because living with someone with mental illness can be hell.  It's a long road, sometimes up and sometimes down.  So, if you are coasting, maybe that means you are on the way down?  Maybe, maybe not.  I am not an expert, only a friend.

My Aunty, for example.  She has not been seen for a year or so now.  Mum has recovered from the trauma of having someone living in her house who was always accusing her of spying on her, of trying to steal her belongings.  Of walking around with her belongings in a plastic carry bag.  And that was in the house, friend.

But I don't think Mum is too worried about contacting her in a hurry.  Her main issue is that their father's will be sewn up, and aunty needs to be there.  But according to my other aunt, it will take years, anyway, because my grandfather invested in a retirement village on the north shore of Sydney that went belly up.  My mother has her own issues, anyway, which is why I couldn't live at home in my last year of highschool.

I have personally been at the receiving end of a barrage of abuse from a mentally ill person.  (Like my alcoholic step-grandmother and my alcoholic step-mother.)   Be prepared to take the good with the bad, is all I can say.  Not that there was much good in either woman.  Even 'Big Al', my grandfather's second wife, whom I called Mum as a child, had her problems.

But it sure can hurt.  The hurt is in knowing that that person is suffering in themselves, too.  To know that it can take years for a person to become 'right', what ever that means.  I am talking from personal experience.

It also hurts to see my son has gone to Australia and isn't coming back, and I miss him, even though he's only been away for three weeks now.

Now I have been informed by the father of one of Junior's friends that his son is ill again, and they hope to get him into good psychriatric care.  He is only sixteen. 

From our text messages last night - hey, they are at least private if not personal - I gathered that Junior had been down to visit yesterday and had been told to get lost.  And that was not the first time it had happened.  Of course, the family has been subjected to a lot more than Junior. 

When I spoke to Junior last night he said he was actually quite polite about telling him to get lost.  And that at a previous time he had accused Junior of being imperialistic.  These are the two war buffs talking to each other, of course, and Junior had actually used the dictionary to enquire as to what imperialistic means.  (That in itself was a surprise to me.)

Anyway, for a boy who was lying on the railway tracks before he went home the first time he was sick, it's going to be a long uphill battle.  Lots of pain for his Dad, brother and sister.  The mother is persona non grata.  And his friends are going to have to get tough skins, because in the end, he's gonna need them, too...

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