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, posted: 14-Feb-2009 08:02

It's hard to name a post sometimes.  Here's the other title - good thing Telecom has kept it's NZ customer service officers...

Now, some of this, I have counted backwards, and it is very definitely fourth hand.  But, bear with me.  (Why, are you having a baby? is what I say to that one...)

But the first bit is first hand.  I am the culprit.  Sort of.

So, an 'olderly' man comes into the store.  He has ported the wrong number out of Telecom and customer services has told him all he needs to do is go into a shop, sign a form and 'hey presto' - it will be back with Telecom.  (come 0n, T - where is this magic bullet paper.)

So, Our English Lass gets sick of me trying to explain how the port process works, and hands him a cube note.  'Here's a piece of paper...' says she.

I must admit, our local Vodafone store were excellent in giving the customer the details like imei and sim card numbers because he had been in such a rage that morning that he had left the other phone (and his wife) behind.  And it was prepaid.

So, he wanted to be back on his RD1 account.  And it was the thursday before Waitangi day.  Don't ask me why 1) Telecom hadn't done the port over the phone, and 2) RD1 hadn't done it...

Now, as you can see, this is just a normal, regular, every day occurance around here.  As you all know. 

So, after all the run around, I put the phone back onto prepaidthis week, as the customer, being a farmer and out of town, wasn't coming in to sign any more forms... 

That same day, the customer's wife came in.  So I informed her that RD1 could do the rest or he could buy a prepaid voucher.  Then we discussed her port.

Of course, it is in hubby's name, and far from being dead 18 months ago and in a recycling bucket, there is an average call spend of roughly $395 average over the last three months.  Lady, you had better go home and sort it out.  Pronto.

So, hubby hasn't been opening the bills.  He opens the bill and there is thirteen hundred dollars on it.  This is where it is now becoming fourth hand as Our English Lass has told me all from here on in.

They ran Telecom Customer service, CS rang the phone number, and blow us all down, the customer service representative is talking to her very own mother who moved to wellington and lost contact with her roughly ten years ago!


The mother bought the phone off Trade Me recently, and couldn't understand why she hadn't got a bill.

The phone had been handed in at a local shop previously, and the CSR has mentioned the place as being known to be dodgy.  Customer had thought it was going to recycling and had not cancelled it.  (It was onebill.)

Mother has promised to pay the bill and the Fraud office has been called in over the selling of the phone on Trade Me, from what I can gather.

CSR rang the wife, who rang Our English Lass who then went 'far out' and told me.

Hopefully it all remains well...

And hopefully I am not in trouble for putting it here.

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